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Rosalind's trip to the Refugee Camps in Greece

4th February 2019

I travelled with Esther Veenstra, from our charity partner HRIF in Holland, to visit two charities we are working with in Greece. We went on a fact-finding trip to see both the need; and how our forty-foot truck of winter relief supplies, which we had sent over just before Christmas, had been distributed around eight refugee camps.

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Rachel with loads of Nike2

My experience in Greece - Rachel's story

14th December 2018

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GDPR data protection

Privacy Policy Statement - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

15th May 2018

Goods for Good has been working towards being fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and as we approach the 25th May deadline, GOODS FOR GOOD is focused on the implementation period of its GDPR compliance programme.

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Sanitary Smile Square2

1337 little packs of dignity

10th April 2018

Our aim is to send a truck full of sanitary products to help restore a little dignity to women in need, but we can’t do this without your help.

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Alena’s Story

28th February 2018

Alena was a well-to-do, middle class woman from Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. Single, with a good job and a lovely home, she wanted to share her life and decided to adopt. War in the region changed life and her future forever, but she is grateful for the support from Goods for Good.

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TonyK small

Tony still has lots of good to give

26th February 2018

Tony Kerstein, a young at heart 75-year-old volunteer at Goods for Good, tells us about the charity work that keeps him active and happy.

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Marvellous multiplier effect of a £10 donation

8th December 2017

Goods For Got have just hit the £10million milestone of goods delivered. Here is how a £10 donation from you can help us reach our next million through the marvelous multiplier effect of your donation.

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Expedition for Good – A solo ascent to the roof of Europe

20th October 2017

Expedition for Good – A solo ascent to the roof of Europe How I planned and prepared for my expedition to climb Mont Blanc solo.

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Mia Hamburger4

My Summer with Goods for Good

20th October 2017

Cambridge graduate Mai Hamburger takes us behind the scenes of Goods for Good charity after her summer with them providing much-needed support.

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When I grow up

What would you do if you lost everything?

6th September 2017

It is 2017 and the world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 – UN Official Take just 8 minutes to watch the video and see the people who had to make those decisions and are having to rebuild their lives, or simply starting out as children, with dreams of going home that are now impossible, or have ambitions to become a doctor to help others.

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dec a

Its Christmas & Hanukah; so let’s create a new miracle today!

17th December 2016

At the end of the year GOODS FOR GOOD GLOBAL can reflect on a very successful 2nd year. With the help of our UK corporate donors of goods; with the help of your donations; with the help of our charity partners and dedicated volunteers and school children; we have managed to export a record volume of humanitarian aid. Essential clothing, shoes, wellington boots, duvets, and hygiene goods. Since we set up GOODS FOR GOOD, we have sent almost £7m-worth of vital goods to our charity partners overseas.

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James Greer


30th November 2016

I have just returned from ten days visiting the camps outside Erbil, fifty miles from Mosul, in Kurdistan. I left high school in London this summer, and wanted to do something to help. It’s difficult to express the emotions I felt as I went into the camps; I knew that the conditions in the camps were bad, but what I saw was unimaginable and inhumane.

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oct 2

A letter from Viroelia; Kishinev, Moldova

31st October 2016

Dearest Rosalind, I would like to once again thank you for renewing the humanitarian aid program for Moldova and giving back hope to so many! That means that multiple families and elderly will have a chance of receiving necessary goods and clothing, and they will be able to use the saved money for extra medicine or groceries.

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GOODS FOR GOOD & the BACK-TO SCHOOL Crayon challenge

4th September 2016

We are going viral to deliver crayons, felt-tips, pencils and colouring books to refugee children in Northern Iraq & Syria.

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“Thank you” from the children, who are far away from home….

5th July 2016

When I received this picture, I was stunned and moved to see the little boy who is the absolute image of my son Danny. The cheeky smile and the fact he is holding the sign upside down, reminds me of him, at the age of nine, and the hilarious antics he used to get up to... It struck a chord and made me think of how very lucky we are: our children; grandchildren and dear ones are safe and sound here in the UK.

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Summa a mother of six, in a refugee camp in Duhok says “Goods for Good has given us hope for surviving this nightmare.”

1st June 2016

At GOODS FOR GOOD (GLOBAL) we are celebrating the fact that we have exported over £4m-worth of humanitarian aid since we started in July 2014 and given hope and dignity to so many. We feel that’s worth shouting about!

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We undertake the task of delivering those goods by perilous roads to deliver to the families who have nothing left

20th April 2016

When it comes to celebrating, I am the first one to arrive to the party. So I want to invite you to a ‘virtual party’ as we are proudly celebrating one year of starting up our community social action programme. The GOODS FOR GOOD volunteering programme started at Unit 1, Borehamwood Enterprise Centre on 5th May 2015, when I received the key of the warehouse door.

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They need your help YESTERDAY please… because tomorrow may be too late!

1st March 2016

With pictures like this one arriving in my email box from charity partners in Syria, the Monastery of Saint James in Qara - I know that I must appeal to you for your urgent help. This Antiochian orthodox church is leading a coalition of different churches like Baptists, Evangelicals, Protestant, Syrian Orthodox helping tragic victims of war, no matter what religion they are. The devastation and ruin all over country means that thousands of people are living on the streets in the most tragic, unimaginable and appalling circumstances.

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The communities we support in Ukraine & Moldova are still very much on our minds.

17th January 2016

My wonderful late mother, Ray Burns, had lots of wise sayings. ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ was one of the them. I’m not sure where she got them all from; but believe me; she had one for every occasion!

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Whether Christmas or Chanukah, or any day of the week, we love to give…

15th December 2015

Recently, members of the inter-faith group Unity joined our group of dedicated volunteers. Jewish and Muslim women and families collaborating; collecting and packing humanitarian aid for refugees in Northern Iraq and Syria. Knitters from Knit for Peace are sending us amazing garments from all around the globe; knitted with love and care.

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My parents were refugees feature

My family were refugees

14th October 2015

As a child, I heard the story that my grandparents had escaped the Pogroms in Ukraine in 1906, that they boarded a ship in Odessa and came to the UK as refugees.

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its heart warming feature

Its heart warming. Be part of the journey.

1st September 2015

We are delivering goods and hope to those who feel forgotten. Our volunteers are knitting blankets and sorting out the goods they no longer wear.

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we need the coat off your back

We need the coat off your back

18th August 2015

A close colleague David from Poland, representing charity donors, visited for one week to help with the distribution of humanitarian aid collected by us and other EU donor companies In Kurdistan.

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these children all have names

These children all have names

3rd July 2015

A close colleague David from Poland, representing charity donors, visited for one week to help with the distribution of humanitarian aid collected by us and other EU donor companies In Kurdistan.

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we just cant stop it

We just can’t stop it…

12th June 2015

With 12 years’ experience in shipping humanitarian aid from the UK to impoverished communities around the world, it’s difficult to stop. So when the UK charity I worked for closed down the Gifts-in-Kind programme I managed, I decided to continue.

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we have moved mountains

We’ve moved mountains…

20th May 2015

So we feel it’s a fabulous reason to celebrate! It’s less than a year since I registered GOODS FOR GOOD - and I’m just so delighted and proud at what’s been achieved.

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