1337 little packs of dignity

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10th April 2018

By Jane Allan

Our aim is to send a truck full of sanitary products to help restore a little dignity to women in need, but we can’t do this without your help.


For most women, the monthly arrival of our period is just part of life, we purchase our products, moan about the inconvenience and get on with our routines, but I doubt many of us ever had to worry about how we “deal with it” from a hygiene perspective.  


So, it is It is unthinkable that women and girls have to suffer without feminine hygiene products in today’s modern world. But they do, in their thousands.


ten pound donation imageWith your help, we can provide refugee women and girls with sanitary towels. As a UK registered charity, Goods For Good has immense buying power. A donation of £10 will buy 1337 sanitary towels, which would ordinarily retail at £50. Together, we can restore dignity. 


With our humanitarian aid logistics expertise, we can deliver these goods quickly and efficiently.

However, we need your help to reach our target of £7,700 to send a 40ft truck of sanitary towels to the refugee women and girls. This cost covers the purchase of 25 pallets of sanitary towels, and all UK and international logistics, directly to the refugee camps.



We also support local community projects, from our base in Borehamwood, for women and young girls suffering the same issues. They may be in sheltered accommodation, homeless or seeking refuge for many different reasons. We regularly donate sanitary products to these charities and support organisations.


We understand that you may not have £10 to spare, but if you can give something it really will make a difference. But helping us spread the message is just as important, so please share the links below via your social media channels to help us fill our truck before the June deadline.


Link to donation page  https://mydonate.bt.com/events/womenforwomen/456540


Link to Video https://youtu.be/QsXOqvmJYRM


Thank you for your support.