A day in the life....

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4th October 2020

By Rosalind Bluestone

When I reflect on this past year so far, it has been a difficult one.  Difficult for everyone; difficult for the world!


We believe that everyone has a right to dignity and hope. We act with constant compassion to ensure those in urgent need, wherever they may be, receive life-changing goods that help restore dignity and hope.


And what makes me so very proud is how our small charity stepped up to face the new challenges. With the help of our UK donor partners and so many volunteers, we have delivered literally trucks full of essential hygiene goods, toiletries, clothing, footwear, and bedding, to those who need them the most; both at home and overseas.


My mother used to say, “many hands make light work”.  Our work involves receiving, handling and moving very heavy boxes and pallets.  As you can see in this video little clip, our volunteers together with the brilliant volunteer team at Dune make this all happen; every day of the week.


Thank you to our volunteer, Georgina Oppenheimer, for making this video clip for us.