A letter from Viroelia; Kishinev, Moldova

oct 2

31st October 2016

By Viorelia Elmendorp

Dearest Rosalind,


I would like to once again thank you for renewing the humanitarian aid program for Moldova and giving back hope to so many! That means that multiple families and elderly will have a chance of receiving necessary goods and clothing, and they will be able to use the saved money for extra medicine or groceries.

I was talking with the clients that were lucky enough to already receive the humanitarian aid, and I've seen their eyes filled with joy and gratitude, apart from many thanks that we received from administration, parents and kids of the Kindergarten. Everyone noticed the positive change in their lives, as the government does not renew the knitted bed covers and the old ones were so worn out, that the kids were asked to bring them from their homes, but with the received humanitarian aid delivering them the new bed covers, the parents won't have to spend money on them from their already very limited budgets. From the pictures that Jeanne sent you, you could have seen how happy were the kids playing with the new toys! The entire interior of the kindergarten has noticeably transformed with the cute new picture frames and many toys that they received!

oct 1In order to thank you, your donors, volunteers and everyone else involved in the humanitarian aid project that helped to send us goods and beautify the kindergarten, the kids have prepared you drawings dedicated to the New Year!

I will send you reports and pictures of other organizations next week, as soon everything will be distributed.

We hope that in the future it will be possible to continue the humanitarian aid program to Moldova, as it is one of the only means our clients can receive actual help in the existing economic situation in the country and no help from the government!

Viorelia Elmendorp
Logistics&Mission Manager,
Logistic & Administrative Dpt.
JDC Kishinev.


oct 3