Our emergency appeal for Ukraine


26th February 2022

By Noah Bernstein

In September of 1940, tens of thousands of Londoners rushed to the Underground to seek shelter from the Blitz. There was solidarity, but there was also fear and terror of not knowing when the next German bomb would drop overhead, killing them as it did those sheltering in Trafalgar Square and Bounds Green.




It’s unthinkable that over 80 years later thousands of innocent civilians are now doing the same in Ukraine, living with that same fear that a Russian bomb, or soldier, will take their life for no good reason other than being Ukrainian.




While there’s little that we as individuals can do to stop this unprovoked war, we can at the very least support those in need. And that’s what Goods For Good is doing: we’re sending essential goods like bedding, hygiene products, and warm clothes, needed by internally displaced people and refugees fleeing, or hiding from, violence in the country.


Working with our trusted Dutch charity partner, HRIF, we’ve set up a humanitarian aid hub on the Polish border with Ukraine to receive truckloads of overstock emergency goods from our generous corporate donors. The Polish hub will then supply relief aid to Ukrainian welfare centres. Vital goods will also be sent to Moldova where refugees are expected to arrive.


We need your help to make this happen as each truckload, consisting of approximately £30,000 worth of new goods otherwise destined for landfill, costs £3,000 to get there. 100 donations of £30 will allow us to help hundreds of families, including children and the elderly, from all walks of life.


Please consider supporting our emergency appeal which will help ordinary Ukrainians see out the uncertainty of the war with dignity and hope, showing them that there are people out there who care about and stand in solidarity with them.


Please donate here if you can.