Whether Christmas or Chanukah, or any day of the week, we love to give…


15th December 2015

By Rosalind Bluestone

My late mother loved the saying “many hands make light work” and she was right (as always!)….


Recently, members of the inter-faith group Unity joined our group of dedicated volunteers.  Jewish and Muslim women and families collaborating; collecting and packing humanitarian aid for refugees in Northern Iraq and Syria.  Knitters from Knit for Peace are sending us amazing garments from all around the globe;  knitted with love and care.


We are all working together for the good of humanity and making a huge difference to hundreds of thousands of peoples’ lives who are not as privileged as we are. They are far from home and living in appalling conditions. Will they make it through the bitter winter? Thousands died last winter 2014.


Whether Christmas or Chanukah, or any day of the week, we love to give because we care for others. Especially to those who are desperate and struggling. We can’t close our eyes.


Together, with the help of British Industry, our Dutch charity partners, and amazing volunteers - we are making a huge difference to the refugees in Kurdistan and needy communities in Eastern Europe. The fact is that we know how to deliver.


We are consolidating humanitarian aid loads at our Hub in Amsterdam, and delivering in an efficient and transparent manner.  Goods donated by individuals and companies are getting to the recipients by the truck-load, in good condition and in good time. They are distributed by professional charities on the ground, and every single item is accounted for.


Since July 2014, over £2.4m-worth of goods have been delivered globally. That means forty huge trucks reaching impoverished communities in places like Northern Iraq and Eastern European countries.


If you want to be a part of the journey and make a huge difference together with us, then please do get in touch.  ‘Many hands make light work’! rosalind@goodsforgood.org.uk


working hard to deliver the goods!

working hard to deliver the goods!