Empowering girls through sport

From local community football leagues to holiday programmes for disadvantaged children, the goods we've delivered as part of our Sport For Good initiative have provided individuals with access to activities they wouldn't ordinarily be able to take part in.

Through the continued support of our partners Nike, since we launched our Sport For Good initiative in 2021, we have helped 18,600 people gain access to services and support they wouldn't have been able to access previously. Working with organisations like the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) we have been supporting the work they do helping young girls from migrant backgrounds gain access to sport. 

Their Afghan and Muslim Girls Football Club was started to encourage participation in sport and also to help the girls who attended with their mental and physical wellbeing. The club provides a stable places for the girls to learn new skills, improving their confidence, communication and self-esteem. The girls in the football club are from recent migrant backgrounds, so either they themselves or their parents have travelled over to the UK as refugees or migrants and settled here. Each individual girl has a different story and different background, but they all belong to the large community of Afghans and Central Asians in Hounslow. 

Whilst they are fortunate to be living in the UK, away from war-zones and other dangers, many of them have faced real difficulties integrating into British society. Whether it be cultural or financial difficulties or simply the challenges faced with learning a new language, integrating has not been easy. Some have also experienced unimaginable trauma before arriving in the UK so, attending the football club helps ease the transition and provides them with equal opportunities in a culturally sensitive and understanding environment. 

It's hard enough to get girls of this age into sport but this kit has given them the confidence to play and keeps the girls encouraged and competitive.

ACCA Volunteer

Because of the nature of their backgrounds, many of these families do not have the financial means to purchase a football kit. The goods provided by Goods For Good means they are able to give the girls proper kit to train and play in. This not only gives them the chance to look and feel professional it also allows them to be safe whilst learning the new sport. 

Some of the kit donated has also been used for an awards ceremony, which has helped encourage the girls to stay committed and work hard in training, and motivates them further.

So, this donation has benefited the girls on two levels: 

  1. Firstly, it provided the basic essentials to provide them with access to the sport.
  2. Secondly, it provided an extra incentive to keep the girls interested and motivated to play. 

One of the volunteers said, "It's hard enough to get girls of this age into sport but this kit has given them the confidence to play and keeps the girls encouraged and competitive."

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