Female-led auction aims to raise £20,000

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25th May 2021

By Naomi Kitchen

In February we announced our partnership with The Big Heart Edit - a project borne out of a desire to help each other after the terrible impact Covidー19 has had on the world.


An Instagram-based auctioneer of unique items, it's aim is to raising money for charities that support vulnerable communities in the UK and abroad. This philanthropic venture also seeks to encourage shopping with purpose, which is something that resonates strongly with our mission as a charity.


To date the project has hosted five auctions; the Big Heart Edit, the Wanderlust Edit, the Spring Edit, the Kids Edit and the Alexandra Tolstoy Edit, and worked with over 70 brands including Rae Feather, Muzungu Sisters, AllBirds, the journalist Clarissa Ward, and talented creatives Katerina Kerouli and Laura Vidrequin. Each auction is thoughtfully and lovingly curated and since February they've raised a phenomenal £14,512 for Goods For Good.


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From left to right: Alexandra Tolstoy, Rachel Arthur, Elizabeth Hay, and Suhair Khan


Our most recent auction, curated by Anglo-Russian author and presenter Alexandra Tolstoy, marked the first in a series of four female-led auctions, each curated by prolific women at the top of their respective fields. The Alexandra Tolstoy Edit included charming, timeless pieces from talents such as Alex Gore Brown, Luke Edward Hall, Robert Kime and Susan Deliss, as well as a limited-edition piece donated by Soane, and raised a staggering £7,630.


Our next auction launches this Sunday 30th May and is curated by sustainable fashion activist Rachel Arthur. Co-founder of FashMash, Rachel spearheads a fashion-conscious edit highlighting clothing brands leading the charge for a sustainable and fashionable. Her ethos of “buy less, buy better” echoes our mission to [alleviate poverty and] reduce waste. Her featured brands include Ganni, Ninety Percent and Hurr, the fashion rental platform reinventing ownership.


The eight-part auction series concludes on Wednesday 30th June. The Natural World Edit will close the series and will feature bespoke items specifically created for the edit.



Over the next two months we have two more auctions curated by designer Elizabeth Hay, and Suhair Khan, lead of strategic projects at Google.


Sunday, 13 June - The Home Styling Edit, curated by the celebrated interior designer, Elizabeth Hay. Inspired by her appreciation of true craftsmanship, her collection will highlight exquisite homeware brands and items sourced from all over the world. Liz will also donate a lot from her own personal collection.


Sunday 27 June - The Natural World Edit, curated by Suhair Khan, who leads strategic projects at Google and has led Google Arts & Culture, will conclude the auction series with The Big Heart Edit. This spotlight on the natural world ties in with Goods for Good’s commitment to protect the environment. London-based artists Ben Cullen Williams, Clementine Crawford, designers James Harris and Studio Aykasan are some of the featured artists. The artists are creating pieces especially for the edit.




1. Each auction has a curator who brings together a collection of aspirational brands, with each brand committing to donate one item to the auction.


2. The auction is launched on a Sunday and last for 3 days.

3. Followers of TBHE channel have the opportunity to bid on the lots in the auction over the course of a week.

4. Once the auction closes, the winning bidder receives a message from TBHE team to notify them of their win and send them a link to honour their pledge.


5. Once all the winning bidders have made their donations 100% of the proceeds are donated to us.


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The Big Heart Edit aims to raise £20,000 for Goods for Good. These funds will help us continue our work delivering essential, life-changing goods to those in urgent need in the UK and internationally.


40% of the goods we deliver we have to purchase ourselves, so these funds are vital for us to be able to continue our work supporting vulnerable individuals and communities including those that are refugees, asylum seekers, the homeless, the elderly, single-parent families and those with mental health conditions.


Our guiding principle is the belief that everyone has a right to live with dignity and hope and our model looks to provide a compassionate lifeline to the vulnerable and protect the planet. Since the start of the pandemic, we've delivered over 20 tonnes of essential goods to over 100,000 individuals via our network of 43 charity partners. The items we deliver provide purpose, hope and healing and the funds raised from these auctions will help us to continue our work supporting people like Stan and Mary - read their stories below.


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Stan's Story

Stan has dementia and when he lost his civil partner a few years ago he also lost his support network. His condition means he needs considerable support during the day and whilst he has been referred by social services to One Housing - who help older people live as independently, providing support schemes for people with mental health needs and those who are homeless - he still lacks the means to buy himself essentials such as hygiene goods and toiletries. Through our partnership with One Housing our volunteers were able to meet Stan and provide him with what he needed, lifting his spirits and providing an opportunity to disrupt his isolation. Stan has become so engaged with Goods For Good that he recently helped us deliver goods to others in need.


Mary's Story

Mary is a single mum and carer for her daughter who has a sever medical condition. Her daughter's condition means that her bed sheets need to be changed and washed regularly, which has lead to her duvet becoming threadbare. Unable to afford new bedding Mary felt unsupported and lost. Unsure how to ask for help she was forced to use the blanket the dog uses to keep her daughter warm. Through our partnership with St Vincent de Paul Society we have been able to deliver new bedding to Mary. The simple act of supplying bedding was huge for Mary and she said she felt overwhelmed by the generosity and such hope that someone was there to listen and help her and her daughter.



We would like to say a huge, heartfelt thank- you to everyone who has contributed to the success of these auctions so far. From curators and donors to those who have bid for items. Your help and support will help impact so many lives. Links to our partners and donors are below.


Donor brands: Sloane Stationery , Rae FeatherMuzungu Sisters, WholyMe, OffTrackSo Choux, Mack Books, Home Drawn, Kilian, Felt Creative, ALPHA H, KXULoaf Lifestyle, Grace Helmer, Square Mile Coffee, Akasha Awakening, Leivan KashIsabelle Bizard Lamps⁠ 




Donor brands: London W11, Daphine, Family Affaire, Clarissa WardThe Jungle Emporium, Swicily, Bon Parfumeur, Katerina Kerouli, Ishkar, Capsule, The YSSO, Natalie FossLoaf Lifestyle





Curated by Laura Vidrequin, founder of Kids O’Clock 
Donor brands: Alighieri Jewellery, Allbirds, CapuletteCarolina Irving & DaughtersDaphine, Gag & LouKids O’Clock, Luz, Maison FlaneurMapiel, Tara ZadehThe Fabled Thread, Usisi Sister, Yosuzi, Thelma & Leah





Curated by Amandine, founder of The Reunion
Donor brands: Amaia Kids, Apolina Kids, Bazaar, Brai, Cherry Bandits, Edoki Academy, Elementaire, Folpetto, Hops, JoJo Factory, Juillet Juillet, Katerina Kerouli, Laurence King, Little Cabari, Lours Paris, Maison Juli, Mila Jack, Ouate, Princess and the Cake, Super Minus, The Clow Company, Toucan Box





Curated by Alexandra Tolstoy
Donor brands: Alex Gore BrownLuke Edward HallRobert KimeSusan DelissSoaneCarolina Irving & DaughtersMuzungu SistersBrora, The Regular Works, Pinxton & Co, A Prin, SJ Axelby, Natalia Violet Antiques, Zima Restaurant, Sibyl Colefax, Smith & Munson, The Lacquer Chest, Olia Hercules, Nicholas Mosse Pottery, JambVolga Linen, Tart, Tinsmiths, Caramel



6. FASHION-CONSCIOUS EDIT - Curated by Rachel Arthur, launches Sunday 30th May

7. HOME STYLING EDIT - Curated by Elizabeth Hay, launches Sunday 13th June

8. NATURAL WORLD EDIT - Curated by Suhair Khan, launches Sunday 27th June

To find out more head over to Instagram and follow @thebigheartedit * thebigheartedit.com * press@thebigheartedit.com


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