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20th May 2021

By Naomi Kitchen

Every month we support thousands of vulnerable people by delivering essential every day items such as toiletries and hygiene goods. But with 40% of the goods we deliver having to be purchased by us there is a limit to what we can achieve. Until now! 


We’re hugely excited to announce our partnership with the organisation For Common Good. Formerly known as Easho Wishlists, For Common Good works like a gift registry for charitable causes, allowing us to list the items we need most, for example nappies, baby wipes and sanitary towels, so you can then select the items you wish to donate to us. 


How it works:


1. We list what our communities need
2. You pick what to donate
3. They deliver


It’s as simple and hassle free as that!


How it works2


For Common Good also shares our values for a greener planet. The zero waste platform, means you can make your donation knowing you’re also helping to reduce plastic, paper and card waste. This exciting partnership provides us with the opportunity to help more people access the everyday essentials they aren’t able to purchase themselves. CLICK HERE TO DONATE


How your donation helps

Your donation will help us support vulnerable people who don't have the access or means to purchase these items themselves.


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Whether it’s providing essentials to a mum who has fled with her children from an abusive relationship or to someone who is homeless your donation goes to those that need it most. In the first week of our partnership we've had donations of goods worth over £500, which will help us to continue our work supporting people like Janine and Leanne - read their stories below.


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Janine's Story
Janine has been struggling with her mental health since the premature birth of her little boy Joseph. Having a baby prematurely can be extremely stressful and overwhelming and for Janine these feelings have been exacerbated by the fact she's struggling to get the right size nappies she needs for her little one. We're currently responding to SOS requests from women's groups who support people like Janine.


Leanne's Story
Leanne is a single mother and has been living in emergency accommodation with her two children. After being moved 5 times over the past 3 years they were moved to a B&B which meant they all had to share one room. Leanne has been affected hugely by the benefit cap and her mental health has been hugely impacted due to the ongoing stress of the situation. The lack of income meant they had very little so she was hugely grateful for the parcel we were able to deliver.


We were able to deliver essential items such as toilet rolls, sanitary products, shampoo, moisturiser, antibacterial spray, body spray, wipes and toothpaste to Leanne and her two young children.



How do I donate?

Simply click the LINK TO OUR WISH-LIST HERE and you can then select the  items you wish to donate to us.


Do I need to create an account to donate?
You do not need to create an account with Common Good to be able to donate. However, if you plan on making regular donations to Goods For Good it might be easier to create an account, especially as it only takes a few simple steps: click on the ‘My account’ icon on the right hand side and fill in the information.


Do I need to pay delivery?
Absolutely not! For Common Good don't charge you, or us, for anything other than the actual products.


How much of my donation goes to Goods For Good?
For Common Good guarantee that 100% of your donation will go straight to the charitable cause of your choice.