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4th November 2021

By Rosalind Bluestone

Anyone can volunteer with Goods For Good, we have over 300 volunteers who support us, and many of our volunteers do so on a regular basis. We encourage diversity and encourage volunteers from all sections of the community and from all faiths and ages. And the opportunities we have available are also designed to meet the different commitments, needs and interests of our volunteering community.


There are a number of ways you will benefit from volunteering with Goods For Good, and what better way to share them with you than to let two of our volunteers, Arpit and David, tell you a little bit about why they volunteer with us.



Over recent years, an increasing amount of research into the mental-health benefits of volunteer work has emerged. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, where mental wellness and mental health are being so widely discussed, acts of doing good for others seem more important than ever – and I personally feel the effects in multiple ways.




I believe doing good for someone else interrupts tension-producing patterns in the brain and replaces them with a sense of purpose, positive emotion, and higher confidence levels. I also feel a greater sense of satisfaction with my life by giving my time to help others who need it.


The experience I've had with Goods For Good, through the corporate volunteering scheme my company Cyber-Duck offers, helps me improve my teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and people skills.



As a retired man, volunteering with Goods for Good provides me with a purpose and a sense of achievement. I am also deaf and a widower, and these things have left me feeling quite isolated at times. So, the opportunity of volunteering with Goods For Good provides me with a sense of achievement; a feeling that I am doing a worthwhile job for people in great need. Even just by providing a few hours each week I feel I can make a difference. I'm also passionate about recycling and believe Goods For Good helps to change the culture of disposing to one of repurposing.




I began volunteering with Goods For Good before the lockdown; several years before, when we shared a warehouse. Roz recruited me when she learned that I was, and still am, keen on keeping fit. I have been able to help, where others volunteers haven't been so physically able, to lift and stack the heavier boxes and bags of donations we receive.


I do a variety of things to help Goods for Good from packing and shifting bags and boxes donations to helping to fundraise for the charity. About a year ago I did a sponsored swim at my local pool. I swam 112 lengths, which is 2.8 km, over four days, raising just over £100. And more recently, after losing my wife I no longer needed two cars, so I sold one of them and donated the proceed to the charity.


I love volunteering with Goods For Good. Not only do I have the pleasure of working with other like-minded people who add their talents and dedication to the tasks. I also feel the other volunteers create a terrific atmosphere to work in.



Our volunteering opportunities vary depending on need. Currently we need support with the following roles:


- Drivers
- Fundraising Coordinators
- Community Shoppers
- Community Neighbourhood Champions
- eBay Support Volunteers


If you'd like to discuss any of these roles in more detail or you'd like further information of how you can start your volunteering journey with us, please do get in touch by emailing me directly:


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