Increasing our response to those in need

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25th February 2022

By Rosalind Bluestone

With recent world events, rising food prices and the energy crisis looming, we know that many vulnerable families will be in dire straits and will struggle to cope in the coming weeks and months.  The pandemic has already affected so many families and individuals, and coupled with new and existing challenges, there is a major concern for millions of people, who will not be able to make ends meet and will not be able to afford or have access to basic, essential goods.


We have already noticed that the 72 local charities we are supporting are asking for more goods than they normally do and from what they tell us, this is only likely to increase.


Our team were really moved to read some stories received from Watford Community Housing, who had been so grateful for many of the goods we have been supplying. They told us of one lady, who had fled an abusive relationship and did not have a buggy or cot for her baby. She couldn’t put the baby down to sleep and had to carry the baby all the time. She had grabbed a couple of bin bags of clothing to provide for her other children before she fled. We were able to provide a new buggy and travel cot for the baby. The mother was moved to tears, delighted that she no longer had to carry her baby everywhere with her, and not quite believing that there was help like this available.


Recently, we provided new duvets to elderly residents living in independent living schemes and they were well received. The residents, feeling stressed and concerned about the imminent rising prices felt they were set up to face some difficult months ahead. 


We are so very grateful to the companies who support us with their overstocked goods. These goods, together those as-new goods donated by the community, creates a lifeline for the thousands of people we support every single month in the UK and around the globe.


Our team and volunteers work incredibly hard to put together orders of goods requested by the charities we support, and we are extremely grateful for the work they do.


Our corporate partnerships mean that companies are ethically disposing of unsold and unwanted stock, in accordance with industry waste transfer policies and guidelines. Last month alone, the goods which were donated to Goods for Good saved 55,114 kgs of C02 emissions, helping protect our planet and bringing relief to people without footwear or clothing.

We will shortly be launching our Green Partnership Scheme which will encourage commercial companies to get on board with us and support our work financially. This will mean that we can support even more people with more goods by increasing our capacity.


We have launched our emergency appeal for the Ukrainian crisis and already have vital goods on their way to the Polish border where humanitarian aid relief hubs will take the goods to where they are most needed.


For now, I wish you all well and thank you for your continued support.  


Warm regards



Rosalind Bluestone, Founder & CEO, Goods for Good