Its Christmas & Hanukah; so let’s create a new miracle today!

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17th December 2016

By Rosalind Bluestone

At the end of the year GOODS FOR GOOD GLOBAL can reflect on a very successful 2nd year. With the help of our UK corporate donors of goods; with the help of your donations; with the help of our charity partners and dedicated volunteers and school children; we have managed to export a record volume of humanitarian aid. Essential clothing, shoes, wellington boots, duvets, and hygiene goods. Since we set up GOODS FOR GOOD, we have sent almost £7m-worth of vital goods to our charity partners overseas. Not only this, we have brought HOPE to those in really desperate need. Together we have made it happen. We thank you!


It’s really special that Christmas and Hanukah fall at exactly the same time this year. A family-time in the UK and overseas; whatever religion. Everyone gets together. So at this time, we can’t help thinking of those overseas in Northern Iraq and Syria, who have suffered and witnessed atrocities and horrors of war; lost their loved ones; sitting in devastation, or in tents in the wet mud; or fleeing from ongoing terror, in the bitter cold. We think of those who are injured and in need of medical attention. Of those people in Aleppo, who are fleeing for their lives; babes in arms. Elderly hobbling; struggling to keep up on the long, unknown road ahead.


dec bThis gives us a double chance to give a really special gift to them, because we do know how to reach them swiftly. We reach those who in who are cold; in danger, and in desperate need. To those people to whom we bring regular hope. Not only now; but every month of the year. This is a unique lifesaving gift of warm clothing, blankets and shoes, school stationery, nappies and incontinence pads. A delivery of HOPE.

We have these gifts; these goods, which have been generously donated - and they are boxed; sorted; packed, ready to truck out to the refugees in Kurdistan.


All we need is your help; - funding to get this shipment on its way. A holiday-season gift and gesture; with huge impact. Please donate whatever you can and if you are a UK tax payer, we can claim 25% gift-aid on your donation.


THANK YOU for being part of this and making it happen. Please don’t ignore this blog. The warmth we will deliver together will mean the difference between life or death. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - and thank you from those with no voice to say it themselves.