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1st September 2015

By Rosalind Bluestone

Olga’s daughter Sophia, aged 12, always gets pneumonia and misses school during the winter. Their little wooden house has broken windows with newspaper stuffed into the broken glass.  They desperately try to heat their home with logs during the freezing Moldovan winter. Sophia and Olga both share a bed above the wood burner. I never saw anything like this. An old-fashioned ceramic tiled hearth, with a very wide shelf, built high above it. This is where they sleep, and this is what keeps them alive during temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius.  The brand new king size quilt we delivered to this family was literally a life-saver.  They were ecstatic to put it aside for the oncoming winter.  

When a company undertakes to save lives as well as go about their day-to-day business, it’s pretty amazing! It’s more than CSR. It’s more than generosity. It’s even more than charitable. UK company -donors provide warm quilts, clothing, shoes and socks, underwear, food and hygiene goods to GOODS FOR GOOD and together with our charity partner in Amsterdam; we ship those goods to those in desperate need. 

Sadly, there are millions of people today who are in desperate need. On our news channels we see daily the plight of those escaping war torn countries - 1.8 million refugees in Kurdistan and 1.5 million displace people in Ukraine. Not to mention those thousands who are living in abject poverty in places like Moldova and Belarus.  

In all these places we witness the desperate, exhausted faces of those fleeing or hiding, who are feeling helpless.  Whilst governments decide who should take responsibility, we are taking action. We are delivering goods and hope to those who feel forgotten.  Our volunteers are knitting blankets and sorting out the goods they no longer wear. 

So when a UK company says, ‘We can. We will help.’   And our volunteers say ‘We will happily help.’ – it just inspires us to do even more