Marvellous multiplier effect of a £10 donation


8th December 2017

By Jane Allan


We are very excited, and even more grateful, to have hit the £10million milestone since our inception just over three years ago.


£10million worth of goods have been delivered and that goes a long way to help those in need and living in difficult circumstances, often after losing family and friends, some injured and traumatised by acts of terror. Goods are sent to Ukraine, Moldova, the Middle East, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Gambia, to mention a few.


Goods For Good wish to continue providing these often life-changing goods, so here is 10 ways you can help us on our way to our next million. Every little helps and each donation has a multiplier effect, often up to eight times the donation amount, due to the way we negotiate on bulk items, use our support network and logistics infrastructure to get the goods to those in need.


10 ways £10 can help


1. £10 could buy £80 of lifesaving medicine for sick children

2. Medical supplies are always in short supply – your £10 goes a long way when you get £80 worth of stock

3. With endless nappy changes per day – your £10 could buy three months’ supply of nappies for a baby

4. It would be like being secret Santa for the day, imagine your magical £10 being £80 worth of toys

5. Now winter is here, help us turn your tenner into a warm bed for 12 people to send blankets and duvets

6. Snow days are not fun for those living in freezing conditions in Ukraine & Moldova. Help us kit out 25 kids with hats and gloves

7. Putting sanitary products on your shopping list, we do too.  £10 can help 100’s of ladies in need

8. A £10 donation could sponsor a box on a truck, helping us get everything to those in need

9. £10 can buy material so creative people can make and sell lots of handmade gifts for £100

10. Help heat our warehouse for a week with your £10 donation so our volunteers can stay warm in the winter stocking and sorting of goods


Another simple idea, why not donate £10 to our charity rather than sending Christmas cards? We would be very grateful and show our thanks on twitter with a shout out! As every penny helps, even if you can afford £5 (cost of first-class stamps to send 6 Christmas cards!), that still has a huge impact of up to £40 of goods or support for us so we can continue to help those in desperate need.


Your donation, no matter how small, can go such a long way to help those in need when we add the multiplier effect.


So why not click the button below, or get in touch with our team if you have goods you would like to donate.


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