Christmas & Chanukah magic – we deliver, because every child deserves a gift

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17th December 2019

By Rosalind Bluestone

I love this special time of year. It’s magical.  I love the twinkling Christmas lights and the sparkle in the stores. Whether we are celebrating Christmas or Chanukah; it’s a time when families and friends get together, whatever their religion.  A time when people gifts to one and other.  A time to step back and relax from the 363 “normal days” of the year.


It’s also a time of year when we think of others who are less fortunate. The children who will receive no gifts. The homeless on the streets, in the bitter cold, is truly heart-breaking. The need for sleeping bags has never been more urgent. On Friday one of my volunteers told me that the one of the asylum seeker families were cold. They asked for blankets. Such a simple ask.


Today there are over seventy million displaced people worldwide; being the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945. People who have been forced out of their homes escaping war, danger and conflict. Families tragically torn apart and now living in abject poverty, far away from home.  Not to mention those vulnerable people who struggle to live on meagre pensions in places like Moldova and Ukraine. Or the African children who have no shoes or ball to play football in; or clothes to go to school in.


With trucks and containers packed full of goods, donated to us by British, European and US companies, we know how to deliver relief to communities worldwide. We are the experts in humanitarian aid delivery.  All year around.  Working with charity partners globally, we know how to deliver these essential items.  Our ninety-five corporate donors generously, and regularly, donate goods, such as clothing, underwear, footwear, bedding, nappies, hospital beds, medicines and hygiene goods, all of which are surplus to their needs.


To-date they have donated over £19m-worth of essential goods to us and we have delivered them. Many of these goods would otherwise have gone to landfill and we have prevented that.


Please share the load with us, because we can’t do this on our own. We need financial help to continue our operations and reach our goals in 2020.


Xmas Boxes4


To send a 40’ truck, packed to capacity, it costs us an average £5,000 - being £10 per box.


If you would like to sponsor a box of aid this holiday season, then please click on the link. You might like to consider sponsoring a truck with your colleagues or friends. Or, setting up a standing order to support us all year round, so that we can deliver magic, hope and dignity to those awaiting our help.


To sponsor a box, click here.