Project Rescue Ukraine - The need continues

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14th April 2022

By Rosalind Bluestone

The generosity and kindness of individuals, communities, organisations and companies who have come together to help Ukrainian refugees, who have fled  their homes, leaving everything behind, has been so incredibly heart-warming. 


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We  continue to send a lifeline of relief aid and vital goods and we thank everyone involved for being a part of this. 


If you are reading our blog for the first time, please also refer to our previous updates too.  The last one can be found here. 


I sincerely thank everyone who has donated time, funds and much needed essential goods.  The need continues as we plan for phase two of Project Rescue Ukraine. 


HRIF Goods For Good


We have been working closely with our charity and logistics partner, HRIF, Netherlands.  We have a trusted network of charity partners with humanitarian aid hubs set up at the borders in Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary and in Ukraine itself. 


60+ trucks of humanitarian aid have reached thousands of individuals and families in desperate need of essential goods and food. 


A total of 6 trucks with donations of essential goods and food from wonderfully generous communities, mosques, churches, synagogues, schools and various groups have left our UK Humanitarian Hub that we set up at My1stYears in Northampton.  SEKO Logistics have also kindly continued to provide transportation as have Hellman Worldwide Logistics.


The local response also continues with Watford Borough Council, Watford and Three Rivers Trust, The Mayor, Peter Taylor, Luther Blissett and the Former Players Group, all still working tirelessly to arrange local collections - all collaborating to do good.    This now includes Colin O'Reily at Herts County Council, Department of Public Health who is coordinating 60 schools to arrange collections. 


Project Rescue Ukraine - Phase Two


We are responding to local charity partners on the ground on the borders of Ukraine for specific items and goods.  The latest request was for new bedding to use at transit camps.  We have rapidly been able to source two suppliers for single sheets, pillow cases, towels and duvet covers.


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The next phase will be a Local Feeding Program where will be purchasing food locally in country, in Ukraine, and distributing to local charities on the ground to get fresh food to people in need.   We will also support local soup kitchens so that they can deliver cooked food to many who have no access to electricity or gas. 


To donate to the Funds for Food to provide in country to those who are desperate for food, please click here


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We are also preparing for Ukrainian evacuees who are entering the UK, arriving with hardly any belongings, clothes or essential goods.  We are working with our corporate partners and requesting overstock/surplus brand new goods so that we are ready to distribute through our charity partners.  One of these partners is Sebby's Corner who has set up a free shop for Ukranian refugees to choose what they need.  This will also be happening in Watford shortly, and ex-Watford FC player, Luther Blisset and Lauren Blissett are working hard to make this happen.


For now, until our charity partners tell us otherwise, we are still collecting goods which are very much needed.  Please check with us regularly as this may change as time goes on. 


This is the updated list of essential goods currently required: 



If you prefer to send funds, please click here to donate.


My sincere thanks to you all for your continued support.


Best wishes






Rosalind Bluestone

Founder & CEO, Goods For Good (Global)


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Credit Lead photograph & photos 1 & 3: Arik Shraga.