Share a little warmth this winter

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30th September 2021

By Rosalind Bluestone

For the 736 million people living in poverty worldwide, there’s no central heating, no thick blankets and no cosy home to settle into as temperatures start to fall.


Every year millions of people around the world fight for survival during the winter months. We simply can't stand by as men, women and children lose their lives in sub-zero temperatures because they have inadequate supplies to keep warm. With only a few weeks until the clocks go back and as the temperatures start to cool we are turning our thoughts to the winter months -  to the families all over the world who will be facing freezing conditions without the shelter of a proper home or the protection of warm clothes and blankets.  As well as the the new arrivals from Afghanistan who won't be used to our colder climate. We are currently preparing to support thousands of families receive basic life-saving items such as warm clothes and blankets. Will you help us save lives?


I’ve seen first-hand mothers trying to keep their children warm by sleeping under canvases and tarpaulins, but it is a sad reality when temperatures drop to below zero, the most vulnerable are at risk of serious illness and even death. Basic items such as warm clothes and blankets can be life-saving for families at the mercy of the elements.


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We are beginning to put together winter packs which include blankets, footwear, warm clothes, hats, gloves and scarves to distribute to the communities we support in the UK as well as taking care of the communities we support in places like Moldova, Iraq and the Middle East. But none of this is possible without your support.


Thanks to generous donations from our corporate partners including a recent donation of bedding and blankets from our partner Comfy Quilts we have goods available to send but we need the funds to be able to distribute them. Can you help us? Your donations will help provide critical winter supplies to help thousands of people stay safe and warm this winter. By donating to our Winter Appeal, you can provide a lifeline to the families we support. You can save lives.




£20 provides winter packs to five families
£40 provides a winter pack to ten families
£100 provides 25 families with a winter pack
£1,200 delivers a 40’ truck of winter packs to our consolidation hub in Holland


If you’d like to donate towards this appeal you can by clicking the link below.