“Thank you” from the children, who are far away from home….

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5th July 2016

By Rosalind Bluestone

When I received this picture, I was stunned and moved to see the little boy who is the absolute image of my son Danny. The cheeky smile and the fact he is holding the sign upside down, reminds me of him, at the age of nine, and the hilarious antics he used to get up to... It struck a chord and made me think of how very lucky we are: our children; grandchildren and dear ones are safe and sound here in the UK.


Globally, there are 40m people displaced by conflict. And millions more affected by natural disaster. The UK has surplus goods that can ease their suffering and vulnerability. Blankets, clothes, hygiene products. We just need to get it to them.


thankyoufromthechildrenFour year-old Ahlam lives with her two sisters, brother, and mother in the refugee camp of Bastrma in the province of Erbil in northern Iraq. She is from a Syrian family, and her father was murdered before their very eyes during the attack on their small village in the vicinity of Raqqa in 2014. This family is struggling to survive, but they are all alone. Nahd, their mother, is 31 years old. She was so excited when they received brand new sports shoes, clothing and knitted blankets from Goods for Good.


She was overwhelmed to think that people far away in England, people of all religions, wanted to help the desperate situation. “I thank Goods for Good for their great help and I really hope that they will continue providing us with such vital human aid. I don’t have anybody who can help me buy shoes, clothes or blankets for my children”, added Nahd. “Now Goods for Good has shown me there is hope and people out there do care, thank you.