The communities we support in Ukraine & Moldova are still very much on our minds.

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17th January 2016

By Rosalind Bluestone

My wonderful late mother, Ray Burns, had lots of wise sayings. ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ was one of the them.   I’m not sure where she got them all from; but believe me; she had one for every occasion!

With the refugee crisis in Northern Iraq and Syria in the headline, we don't read much in the press about the recent war in Ukraine.  One and a half million people had to suddenly up-and-leave their homes and the situation over there is still tragic. Still displaced; away from their own houses in their home towns, thousands are sharing accommodation with other families in safer towns. Sons and husbands called away to the military; leaving mothers to fend for themselves and their children. Now with sub-zero temperatures plummeting to below -15 C, the suffering is unimaginably intensified. After sending a recent truck of humanitarian aid, donated by generous British Industry donors, I wanted to share some feedback, which I found very moving.

by Natasha and Arkadiy'We want to thank you for the truck of aid recently, especially with new baby clothes and also clothes for needy people. It was very important for them, because many people have lost their jobs, others have very small salaries. At the same time, prices of  food and other products are very high. At present, we have saved 162 babies. These lovely new baby clothes were given to needy single mothers, or mom's, whose husbands were taken to war. Besides that, we gave these clothes to refugees from war areas. All these people are heartily grateful for this help. And we also thank you for your support, aid, and prayers.' Natasha and Arkadiy




The year ahead will be very challenging for us as we receive even more requests for help from around the globe. GOODS FOR GOOD will continue to send regular consignments of humanitarian aid to Northern Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Moldova.

We can’t do this alone. We need your help please with the cost of international logistics please.

If you, your family, colleagues or friends would like to get involved and can help sponsor a truck or provide goods, then please contact me.