Together we've raised £33,000

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25th March 2021

By Naomi Kitchen

On Sunday 21st March we hosted our second online fundraisers – our BIG NIGHT IN SPRING QUIZ EXTRAVAGANZA! and it was a fantastic evening.


With Covid-19 restrictions in place it hasn’t been possible for us to fundraise in the way we would normally, so following the success of our event in December we decided to host another online fundraiser.


Joined by special guests, magician Nick Einhorn and soul singer Fil Straughan, we brought together a community of 193 households for an evening of music, magic and quiz trivia. Together we raised £12,700 bringing our event total to a truly humbling £33,000.


Not only was it an absolute pleasure to bring so many people together to enjoy such a wonderful evening, these events have been vital for us to help raise the funds needed to sustain our charity and support individuals and families through this difficult period.


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Though the UK is a wealthy nation, one in five of the population live in poverty. And, with the COVID-19 crisis still unfolding, causing higher levels of unemployment, the situation is getting worse. Access to essential goods and household items is limited for those living on the breadline, and more and more families are finding themselves in dire need during the Pandemic.


The funds raised from this event means we can continue to help those who are struggling to afford basic essential items such as toiletries and hygiene products. It can be hard to understand how something as simple as deodorant can make such a difference when it’s something we can buy without a second thought. But for those living in poverty, everyday basics like deodorant are luxury items and purchasing them can mean going without food or heating.


The year ahead will be a difficult one for millions of people who will be affected by Covid-hardship and the impact and challenges of BREXIT, so we’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to the success of the evening. With particular thanks to our host Craig Squires, special guests Nick Einhorn and Fil Straughan, MP Dean Russell for his continued support of the work we do (and our quiz winner!) and our corporate sponsors; MT FinanceOGR Stock DentonPylon OneRHM Event GraphicsCyberduckAshley Page and LGT Vestra.


For more information on how you can get involved with our work visit our Get Involved Page or email us at


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