Ukraine Crisis - Emergency Response Update

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13th March 2022

By Rosalind Bluestone

As we witness the terrible atrocities and horrors of the war in Ukraine, innocent civilians killed, and millions fleeing their homes to find safety, we have also seen enormous love and incredible efforts of people and communities around the world. 


Our response to the Ukraine Crisis was immediate.  Working with our long-term logistics and charity partner, HRIF in Weesp, Netherlands, 3 trucks left on the 1st March to deliver essential goods to the humanitarian aid hub on the Polish border with Ukraine.  Since then the response is continuous and trucks are leaving regularly to deliver essential goods to Moldova, The Polish Borders and into Ukraine.  Goods are reaching some who have stayed in Ukraine and the rest are reaching some of the millions of refugees who have crossed the borders.

We are continuously coordinating goods organised through our network.  Logistics for the handling of each consignment costs £3,000 to send to those in need. Costs include, rising fuel prices, recipient in-country warehousing, distribution and the hire of smaller vehicles in order to be able to distribute smaller loads in-country; pay for warehousing, fuel, and delivering to those in great need.  Every penny helps us to do this, please donate if you can here.  Each £1 donated delivers at least £25-worth of aid.


Goods For Good is always at the forefront of humanitarian aid efforts in the case of world events.

We are extremely grateful to all of our communities, corporate partners, individuals, groups and  charity partners for goods donated and to those individuals who have donated funds.  



Working with one of our corporate partners, my1styears, we have set up a UK Humanitarian Aid Hub at their warehouse in Northampton.  Food and essential goods are being sorted and packed ready to go direct to Moldova, Polish borders and Ukraine. My1stYears worked incredibly fast to get this hub set up and were operating fully by the 1st March.  This is hugely important to us as storage and packing space is our most critical limiting factor in terms of the volume of essential goods that we can get in and get out as swiftly as possible.


thSEKO Logistics are another one of our corporate partners who responded incredibly fast and have provided trucks and drivers to trasport goods to Poland, Moldova and Ukraine.  They are working closely with My1stYears and Goods For Good to co-ordinate the response. 


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We have been working to mobilise the community donations through Watford council, synagogues, churches, schools community groups, charity partners, individual volunteers and groups such as the past players group led by Luther Blissett.  We are extremely grateful for all the help and support received. 


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We are working with many amazing corporate partners, including Dune, Next, Nike, Barbour, My1stYears, SEKO, Barbour, Hobbycraft, Stormtech, Uniqlo, Kidly, Comfy Quilts and more.  Many organisations are also organising corporate volunteering days to help with packing and sorting of goods ready for transportation. These collaborations are crucial for a united response. 


We will keep you updated on this everchanging situation, but thank you to everyone who has got involved to support this emergency appeal. 


Details of where to send donated goods and the list of goods required can be found here or if you are local to Watford, please refer to details via Watford Borough Council.


With Best wishes




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Rosalind Bluestone, CEO & Founder

Goods For Good (Global)



PS: I’d like to invite you to support our annual fundraiser online event this Sunday evening at 7.30 pm – a fun quiz, with magic and fab raffle prizes. Please share with your team/family/friends. Thank you! Funds raised help us with the day-to-day running of our small charity.