Ukraine Crisis - our response continues


31st May 2022

By Rosalind Bluestone

Ukraine Crisis - our response continues


Working closely with our main Dutch charity and logistics partner, HRIF, and smaller charity partners on the ground in and around Ukraine, our small team at Goods For Good are continuing to respond to the crisis in Ukraine.  We are working tirelessly with corporate organisations and charity partners to ensure that we can respond quickly to those in desperate need. 


queue for soup2


SOS Responses


Following an SOS direct from the Humanitarian Aid Head Quarters in Odessa, Ukraine, we were able to respond swiftly to an extremely detailed list of urgent requirements for civilians in need of essential items in Odessa and surrounding regions.


Three trucks left within a few days of receiving the SOS.  One truck was loaded with 52 pallets of wet wipes from Aveeno in collaboration with In Kind Direct, one was full of PPE and surgical goods, organised through Hertfordshire County Council and Herts FullStop and truck number three was organised through HIS CHURCH and contained a full load of non-perishable food items.  The goods have all been received in Odessa and are being distributed.


Aveena Wet Wipes


We are so grateful to SEKO Logistics who agreed to organise the transportation for the above goods to Odessa to reach as many vulnerable individuals as possible. 


We also received an SOS from Moldova for summer clothing to help those evacuees who have fled across the border to Moldova with very few belongings.  Working with the Bushey Gives Back committee at Bushey Synagogue, we were able to start to fulfil this request.   A huge thank you to everyone involved. 


My 1st Years in Northampton, where we set up our UK humanitarian Aid Hub, have been incredible and have continued to provide warehousing and support since the start of the Ukraine crisis.  We can not thank them enough.  Seven trucks have left this hub, and three packed with new bedding were sent from a Manchester based donor.


Ukraine Food Program


Through the generosity of many kind individuals who have donated money to our Ukraine crisis fund, we have been able to buy fresh food in Ukraine and distribute it through local charities on the ground who have in turn supported many local soup kitchens and food stations.  This is a joint program we have been running with HRIF. 


Food 1


This vital work continues and, as the food crisis in Ukraine worsens, we need more funds to be able to get food to thousands of civilians in need.  We need your help and your financial donation will mean we can feed more people in Ukraine.


Ukrainian Evacuees

Ukrainian evacuees have begun to enter the UK.  They arrive with few belongings, clothes or essential goods and we are working closely with our corporate partners to supply brand new goods.  These are distributed through our UK charity partners to help as much as we possibly can. 


We have distributed 3000 Vodafone sim cards through our charity partners, many of which have gone to Ukrainian evacuees. 



 We responded swiftly to a charity Sebby's Corner who are coordinating the arrival of 167 orphans and their carers from Ukraine who will be located in the north of England.   Harrods provided goodie bags, teddies and colouring sets for each child and we were able to get these to the children so that they had them upon arrival in the UK.


We responded to an SOS from Wales to support 1000 new arrivals from Ukraine, who need clothing, footwear and SIM cards. 


As always, our team remains agile, ready to respond as quickly as we can to the next SOS response.  


Meanwhile, we supplied £200,165 worth of goods donated from very generous corporate organisations to 83 charity partners for projects in the UK and globally.  



How can you help?


- Donate Funds via Goods for Good | Donation


- Organise a fund raising event. 


- Organise a collection with your local community group.  This is the updated list of essential goods currently required: Project-Rescue-Ukraine-Phase-2.pdf  


- Recommend us to a corporate organisation you may know so that they can join our Humanitarian Partnership Scheme to help us with the operational costs of our small, but very mighty charity. 


My sincere thanks to you all for your continued support.


Best wishes






Rosalind Bluestone, Founder & CEO 

Goods For Good


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