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29th March 2022

By Rosalind Bluestone

We have been completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of all those who have supported the Goods For Good Project Rescue Ukraine, our emergency response to deliver Humanitarian Aid to those who are in desperate need. 


The last few weeks has seen an huge collaboration of individuals, communities, organisations, small businesses, charity partners, corporate companies - all coming together to do good. 


Hear from Rosalind Bluestone, our CEO and Founder here.


We are a very small team here at Goods For Good and will thank everyone individually, but in the meantime, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all those who have helped us so far, donated time, goods, and funds.


Here is a brief update so far on our response.  If you are visiting our website for the first time, please also refer to our previous updates too.  The last one can be found here


Local response

Watford and Three Rivers Trust, The Mayor, Peter Taylor, Luther Blissett, The Former Players Group, and a large group of individuals and local schools and communities have all worked together to collect an enormous amount of essential goods which have then been transported to our UK Humanitarian Hub in Northampton to be palletised, then delivered on to Ukraine, Polish Borders, Moldova and Romania.  


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Community Appeals

Communities, churches, mosques, synagogues, schools, and groups from all around the UK have been kindly organising collections.  Thank you to everyone for their amazing hard work.  It has been heart-warming to see the initiative and loving, thoughtful gestures such as cards being made by children to send with the goods.


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There is also a collaboration of 60 Hertfordshire Schools currently being set up for more collections. 


To date, four full trucks have left our UK Humanitarian Hub in Northampton and travelled via our charity and logistics partner,  HRIF  in Weesp, Netherlands where the goods have been consolidated and taken to trusted charity partners on the Polish border, into Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.  Goods are reaching many people in desperate need.   


Corporate Kindness

There have been so many organisations donating services, goods and funds.  We are so grateful for the help from industry especially in getting aid quickly to those in need.  


We set up our UK Humanitarian Aid Hub at our corporate partner, My1stYears in Northampton and they have been absolutely incredible - sorting, organising and loading the trucks with the vast volumes of donated goods.  the goods ready to be sent.  See a short film here to get a feel for the amount of goods that have been sent.


Seko Logistics have also been amazing and have been taking the goods onwards to the destinations.  Hellmann International Logistics have also recently offered their services to us.


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Other Goods For Good corporate partners;


Working with Dune in Leicester over the past 4 years, they have recently loaded our trucks for Ukraine,  sent two seven and half ton trucks full of goods direct to our charity and logistics partner, HRIF to be distributed for onward distribution.   Loaded on these trucks are countless donations of goods from NEXT and Barbour and Kidly also sent goods on these trucks. 


Comfy Quilts, sent three 40 foot trucks from Manchester to Moldova, Romania and into Ukraine with warm bedding and pillows. 


Hobbycraft sent stationery and craft goods via our UK Hub at My1stYears. 


David Waterman donated thousands of boxes which have been distributed around the communities or their local collections.


Hygiene goods including sanitiser and face masks, were kindly donated from Susan Coller, Eco Servce, ITcA, Mint Velvet, and Immediate Live and Kate Spade New York also donated goods. 


Thank you to all of these organisations for their kindness.  


Financial Donations

We are so grateful for the financial donations that we have received via our emergency appeal.  The total for the Project Rescue Ukraine to date is almost £140,000.  


This is an incredible amount and will help us to pay immediately for the costs involved in sending the requested goods to those who need it most.  This often involves helping the small charities we work with overseas. Helping with local costs: hiring warehouse space in Poland, Moldova, and helping with fuel costs for the smaller vehicles which are used to distribute the goods locally.  Sadly, the help needed overseas, and eventually here in the UK, will be ongoing for the foreseeable future.


Here are some thank you’s received from some of the refugees who received help:


“We are very thankful to the people, organisations from the UK, Holland, Moldova, to all charities who help us in this difficult time for us.

We are deeply grateful to them and we thank to them.

Let's pray that something like this, tragic times don’t happen again to anyone and may all people in the world to live happily in peace.”


 “Many thanks to the sponsors, to the Netherlands and UK for all the support and assistance given to the Ukrainian refugees. We hope that soon there will be peace and we will be able to cope with our own strength.

Thank you very much to all you, to Moldova, especially to the people of Balti who are helping us now.”


“Thank you very much for your help. Our family is from Ukraine and we are very grateful to the organization from Balti, thank you very much to the UK charity, "Goods for Good".




What's next?

We are continuously being guided by our charity partners on the ground in Poland, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine as to what is needed most.  As a small charity ourselves, we support those local, small charities who have limited capacity.


Our work continues and collections are still on-going.  We are agile and will adjust and listen to what is needed most. 


In parallel we are working on the long-term strategy to help those whose need is the greatest.  This humanitarian crisis is likely to last many months, if not years, and we will continue to reach as many individuals and families in need as possible with the essentials they need to survive. 


We have visited the House of Commons this week and met with MP Stephen Kinnock and have discussed how we can help with the UK settlement of Ukranian refugees.  Our recent experience working with several County Councils and voluntary organisations since August 2021 with the Afghan new arrivals, has meant that we are geared up to supply essential goods which are desperately needed by people arriving in the UK without the essentials they need.


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If you would like to get involved with our work, please visit here.


Every £1 you donated will deliver at least £25-worth of essential goods to mums and children in need.  Each refugee has a name and hopefully soon, a safe temporary address.


We are thanking you not only from our small team, but also on behalf the thousands of people who will benefit from receiving essential goods on their arduous, dangerous journey. 


Food, water, a toy, sanitary items, sweets, bedding, clothing, and all the essential goods we all take for granted are being distributed in huge volume; thanks to YOU!


Thank you all so much.


Best wishes


Rosalind & Team 




Rosalind Bluestone

CEO & Founder 

Goods For Good (Global)


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Please see the list of most needed items Goods-For-Good-HRIF-Rescue-Project-Ukraine.pdf .