What would you do if you lost everything?

When I grow up

6th September 2017

By Jane Allan


It is 2017 and the world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945UN Official


I could explain why I am writing this, but as we know, watching is so much more powerful.

Take just 8 minutes – I know it sounds like a lot when we all have busy days, deadlines to meet and tasks to complete, but what if you had to leave your home today, take nothing but a small bag and the clothes on your back. We have all had those conversations at a dinner party or in the pub, what one thing would you take with you if you had to leave home?  Just 8 minutes to watch the video and see the real people who had to make those decisions and are having to rebuild their lives, or simply starting out as children, with dreams of going home that are now impossible, or have ambitions to become a doctor to help others.


Click here to view the short video documentary


I am volunteering for a charity who are supporting the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF) who made this short but emotional documentary. Goods for Good is a UK charity founded in 2014 by Rosalind Bluestone. Its mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people through one simple concept: delivering and donating overstock goods from the UK to those in need, wherever they may be.


Volunteer giving care package to child


We pack our suitcases to go on holiday, we put simple things in our travel bags such as toiletries. You probably didn’t think about those items when you were asked in the pub, “what would you take with you if you had to leave your house today” because they are things we take for granted, things we put on our weekly shopping list without much thought.


So, my mission is to help Goods for Good achieve their mission. I will work with my contacts, help the charity with their communications and get the message out as far as I can.


What can you do?


  • - Do you have warehouse space you can donate?

  • - Can your company help with logistics – getting donated overstocked goods from suppliers to warehouse for sorting by our volunteers?

  • - You can volunteer? – there is plenty to be done

  • - Organise a charity event – helping is rewarding and fun!

  • You can make a donation - in goods or goodwill



Anything you or your organisation can do to support Goods for Good, will help them help others. The main outgoing of the charity is the logistics element, getting the goods from those giving donations to those in need. If your company can support this much-needed arm of the operation, please contact Rosalind to discuss further.


You can find what Goods for Good have achieved so far. Rosalind, her partners, trustees and amazing volunteers have accomplished so much in under three years, but with the humanitarian crisis at tipping point, there is so much more to be done.


Click here to find out more and how you can help  

Registered charity No 1165565

Contact:  rosalind@goodsforgood.org.uk