Donate through your pay

To donate through your pay you must do this through through PAYE from either your wages or your pension.

At Goods For Good, we're passionate about making a difference, and Payroll Giving is a powerful tool that enables employees to join us in that mission. Donating through your pay is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to our humanitarian efforts. Your regular support helps us provide essential aid to those in need around the world. 

How to donate in your pay

  • If you earn a salary or pension and your employer deducts Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax, you can donate in your pay.
  • If your employer already supports payroll giving, speak to them about setting up your monthly gift.
  • If your employer doesn’t support payroll giving, they can easily set up the scheme by contacting Charities Aid Foundation. Or they can select from any of the HMRC-approved Payroll Giving Agencies.
  • It takes one to two months before the first gift is taken from your wages. Don’t worry if your donation doesn’t appear in your next pay packet.
  • To stop donating or change the amount you give, contact your payroll department.
  • Changing job and want to continue donating in your pay? You’ll need to set up a new gift by following the same process with your new employer.

Impact of your support

Goods For Good currently supports over 112 charities across a diverse spectrum of causes. This means that when you choose to donate through your pay, your contributions have a far-reaching impact.

Through our network of charity partners we support society's most vulnerable, including older people, evacuees, refugees and asylum seekers, individuals affected by modern slavery and human trafficking, people experiencing homelessness or insecure housing, those in assisted housing, individuals affected by dementia or mental health issues, and families facing financial struggles. By supporting Goods For Good through Payroll Giving, you're not just supporting one charity; you're supporting a network of organisations dedicated to creating a better world for those in need.

How to get started 

The process of joining Goods For Good in our Payroll Giving initiative is straightforward. We make it easy for both employees and employers to get started, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

First, initiate a conversation with your employer about setting up Payroll Giving. Many employers offer this option, and it's a powerful way for them to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility.

Once the program is in place, you can choose the amount you want to contribute from your pre-tax income, making it cost-effective and efficient. Whether you opt to donate a small or significant amount, your contributions add up to create a substantial force for good.

How Payroll Giving works

Regular donations give Goods for Food are a reliable source of income which allows us to respond quickly to emergencies in the UK and abroad. A regular donation in your pay to Goods For Good costs less than you think. Donations are taken from your pay before tax, so if you pledge to give £10 a month, it will only cost you £8 if you are a standard rate tax payer. 

Monthly donation amount Cost to 20% tax payer Cost to 40% tax payer Cost to 45% tax payer
Goods For Good receives £10 £8 £6 £5.50
Goods For Good receives £25 £20 £15 £13.75
Goods For Good receives £50 £40 £30 £27.50

Become a Friend of Goods For Good and join our community of monthly givers. By choosing to make a regular donation, you will be helping us improve the quality of life of those who need our help. A monthly donation of £15 means we can impact the lives of 168 people every year, providing a beacon of hope in their most challenging times.


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