We have quickly outgrown our facility in Watford, so we are looking for larger premises to store donated goods. More space means we can store, and deliver more goods and ultimately help more people in need. 

Moving to Watford in October 2020 was a significant milestone for us as a charity. Since the pandemic the demand for local help has greatly increased, so having more space, means we've been able to scale up the rate at which we collect unsold goods from industry and preloved items from the community. We have, in this short time however, outgrown the space we have and as a result we are looking for new premises. 

We’re trying to plan a sustainable future, but our facilities are too small. The premises we're in aren’t really fit for purpose [anymore] and we can’t afford to bring in a proper team. We want to be set up so that when there is an emergency, like the Turkish and Syrian earthquakes, we’re ready to respond.

Rosalind Bluestone MBE,  Founder and CEO of Goods For Good

To sustain the increased demand on our team we need to increase our capacity, and to do that we need bigger premises. Can you help? If you can help us find or fund bigger premises we'd love to hear from you.

The global pandemic has caused extreme economic hardship for families all over the world, causing many more to slip into poverty. We are doing our best to respond to the tremendous surge in requests from our charity partners, but the truth is we need bigger premises to sustain the increased demand on our team. Be part of the solution a help us secure a bigger space for us to continue our important work.

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