Our Mission

Goods For Good is more than just a charity – it is a movement that believes in equality for all. We believe in a sustainable world where all human beings have the vital everyday goods they need to thrive.

We harness the efforts of business, charity and community partners to unlock large volumes of quality, surplus goods which are distributed as humanitarian aid to people in crisis, restoring dignity, reducing waste, and  the harmful effects of CO2 emissions.

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At Goods For Good we're focused on mobilising change and inspiring human kindness. It's this kindness to people, and to our planet that has a lasting impact on peoples' lives.

Rosalind Bluestone MBE, Founder & CEO,  Goods For Good

You can download our information leaflet for more details on the charity and the communities we support.



By embracing the framework of sustainability and responsibility, Goods For Good has developed a powerful model that enables us to redistribute new and nearly-new goods with unparalleled efficiency. Working with charity partners from around the world, Goods For Good provides an equitable and transparent platform for organisations and individuals to donate their unsold, new and nearly-new goods, while providing those in need with the resources they need to thrive. By transforming these donations items into high-value aid, Goods For Good offers a unique opportunity for us all to make a real impact on the planet - providing individuals with an incredible £50 worth of aid for every £1 donated.


Goods For Good is committed to providing vital goods and support to vulnerable people in need, and we do this with compassion, empathy and respect. All our activities are guided by the fundamental principles of Humanity, Compassion, Dignity, Hope, Impartiality, Sustainability  and Voluntary Service.




Whilst our mission is clear; to alleviate poverty and reduce waste, the solution is complex and requires a combination of warehousing, logistics and operational support. By joining our Humanitarian Aid Partnership and becoming a Goods For Good Aid Partner, you'll be helping us source, store and deliver vital goods to those affected by war, conflict, natural disaster or those living in poverty.

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