Your support is not just appreciated; it's absolutely vital to everything we do. It's what transforms ideas into impact, challenges into triumphs, and despair into hope. By helping us reduce poverty and promote sustainable practices to protect the planet, the impact of your donation will be felt for years. Thank you for your compassionate contribution and for being part of our mission to make a meaningful difference in the world.



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When you make a donation to Goods For Good, you’re providing a direct, tangible impact on the lives of vulnerable people across the world. Your gift will be used to provide vital resources such as clothing and toiletries to those in need – a big difference that will last a long time. 


Monthly Giving

Become a Friend of Goods For Good and join our community of monthly givers. By choosing to make a regular donation, you will be helping us improve the quality of life of those who need our help. A monthly donation of £15 means we can impact the lives of 168 people every year, providing a beacon of hope in their most challenging times.


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