Every month we support thousands of people in need, but we can't do what we do without the goodwill, generosity and support of our partners.

When you partner with us, you're not only helping provide essentials to those in need, you're also committing to make a difference to our shared planet, reducing waste and ensuring our planet's resources are used in the most responsible and efficient way. 

Our partnerships centre around three key pillars of sustainability; People, Planet and Purpose.

  • PEOPLE - The people we support are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to help vulnerable people in urgent need, whoever they are and wherever they may be receive the basic, life-changing goods we take for granted.
  • PLANET - By repurposing and redistributing goods (surplus, overstocked, quality seconds and returns) we are reducing waste and the negative impact it has on our shared planet.

Become a corporate partner

The support our corporate partners offer us varies with each relationship; some organisations provide us with unsold goods, others support us with warehousing and logistics, whereas others support us with services or financially.  If you'd like to make an impact to the lives of the people we support, then we'd love to hear from you. 

By becoming a corporate aid partner with Goods For Good, your goods are not just products — they're catalysts for positive change. In this video. Maria, Head of Sustainability at UNIQLO Europe, shares how she witnessed first-hand the impact of their donations and by partnering with goods for good they know their goods and in good hands! 

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Join our network of charity partners

Join the Goods For Good 'Kind Network' today and unlock a wealth of support for your charity. With over 70 charities in the UK already benefiting from our collaborative platform, we're committed to ensuring vulnerable individuals receive the vital essentials they need to thrive. By becoming part of our network, you gain access to a steady stream of essential goods, empowering you to better serve your community.

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Our Network

Our network is based on transparency and trust, always acting with compassion and integrity to empower others and reduce the harmful effects of waste on our planet. Since the pandemic, our network of corporate and charity partners has grown significantly.  We have seen an unprecedented number of charities turn to us for help as they struggle to meet the increased demand from the communities they serve. This means we've scaled up our operation, responding to more requests to help the most vulnerable in society.  Since the pandemic our small team has delivered over £11 million-worth of humanitarian aid, to over one million vulnerable people in the UK and overseas. 

I have worked closely with the Goods For Good team and have seen first-hand the excellent work that they do to support people in need both in the UK and internationally.

Dean Russell, MP for Watford

To date, with the support of over corporate partners, and through our network of charity partners we've delivered over £54 million worth everyday basic essentials to more than 5million vulnerable people in 29 countries across the world, saving thousands of tonnes of goods from landfill or incineration. But we want to do more and reach more people. We want to connect and work with like-minded people and organisations who want to drive sustainable change, and who recognise that they can help those less fortunate than themselves. 

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Impacting Lives

The work we do makes an enormous difference to people living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Learn more about the impact of our work.

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