The Kind Network

Goods for Good collaborates with a network of over 100 charity partners in the UK and we support these charities through annual membership to our Kind Network.

The Kind Network is made up of our charity partners who support the most vulnerable people across the UK. Joining The Network requires a small annual membership fee, which allows us to source and deliver goods that are needed by the communities you serve. The Network also provides you with access to high-quality, high-value aid, as well as a peer-support platform to share and discuss the challenges we all face.

To date, through the support of our corporate partners, we have delivered almost £54 million worth of essential aid, to our network of charity partners and front-line organisations, supporting over 5 million people both in the UK and abroad. By joining The Kind Network, you will benefit from:

  • Receiving high-value, essential items for your beneficiaries
  • Access to a peer support network to share and discuss challenges and solutions

From providing essential toiletries to household cleaning products, our partnership with Mutual Aid Food in Willesden is just one example of how collaboration can make a difference.

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Those who approach us will be considered, based on our capacity to serve them. To join The Kind Network we will need some information from you about nature of your organisation, the communities you serve, and their needs. To find out more, get in touch.

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Goods For Good is committed to supporting your beneficiaries receive the vital essentials they need to thrive. To date, through the support of our corporate partners we have delivered almost £54 million worth of essentials. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about joining our network of charity partners.

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