Get Involved

We depend on donors and volunteers to make our operation work.

To make our operation viable and help those in desperate need, we require both corporate and community help. This is how you can get involved:

If you’re a company who has overstock goods – we can pick them up at a moment’s notice. We will distribute them to those in need – mainly out of the EU in an ethical, thoughtful, legal, transparent and positive way. Give us a call – we’d love to start a relationship which will have multiple benefits that include:

Tax relief

Refund of import duties

Clearing space in your warehouse

CSR and marketing benefits

Ethical giving

Community & Individual donors

We accept community and individual donors

We work with communities and individual donors of goods. A constant stream of quality, second-hand clothing is donated from caring families and communities. Colourful hand-knitted blankets from relentless knitters are knitted with love to provide warmth for the elderly. These individuals are the lifeblood of our work: their passion and enthusiasm has helped GOODS FOR GOOD build a strong network that will keep goods being delivered to vulnerable communities for years to come.

Corporate sponsorship

We accept corporate sponsorship

We have established a steady pipeline of goods and we need financial help in delivering the goods to those in need. We’re always looking for those willing to take ownership of a consignment of goods and finance the logistics to one of our projects destinations, or to the project of your choice.  In return we promise to give your organisation publicity and recognition, if desired. Please get in touch if you think you or your business can assist us in this way.


We are always looking for space to store goods

With a growing donor base, Goods For Good is always looking for more space to store goods. If you know of any available space in the UK or elsewhere, let us know so we can store, and then deliver, even more goods.


We are always looking for volunteers to join our cause

As a not-for-profit, we’re always looking for volunteers to help get things done. Whatever your skill – be it sorting/packing, collecting goods, driving, finance, PR, or organising a fundraising event for us – we would greatly appreciate your help in realising our vision. We also really like working with schools and community groups, so please do keep us in mind when you are looking for a worthwhile project!

Send us an email or call us

Other ways to help

There are many other ways you can help

Goods For Goods has partnerships with several UK-based companies who will take your unwanted goods and donate the proceeds to our not-for-profit. For example:

  • We work with MONEY FOR GADGETS to recycle gadgets and all electronic devices: It’s really easy. We send you the packaging, and it costs you nothing to send it off to us.
  • GIVEACAR Yes, we’ll take your old banger at no cost to you.
  • Designer clothing, retro clothing, handbags, or unwanted fur coats sold through one of our trusted dealers.
  • Our house clearance partner can arrange free probate assessments and house clearance. They will also take your unwanted collectables and donate 50% of their profits to our cause.

Support us

Your support is vital to us. Help us by donating goods or by funding our operation.

Contact us

If you would like to recieve more information about our work we would love to hear from you.