Gulpari's Story

Thanks to recent funding from Sport England, our Sport For Good initiative has taken significant strides in breaking down barriers and empowering young individuals to embrace the world of sports. This expansion has enabled us to extend our support to exceptional young girls like Gulpari, showcasing the transformative impact we're making.

One notable testament to our commitment is the Afghan and Muslim Girls Football Club, an initiative aimed at fostering sports participation while nurturing the mental and physical well-being of the girls involved. From its inception, this club has been a beacon of positivity, and Gulpari's journey highlights the profound change we're fostering.

Empowering young girls through sport

Working with organisations like the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) we have been supporting the work they do helping young girls from migrant backgrounds gain access to sport. 

Gulpari has been with the club since it started and trains with the team regularly. Her engagement with the club underscores the importance of creating a safe and welcoming space for girls to explore their potential. Regular training sessions with the team not only develop her sporting skills but also play a pivotal role in enhancing her self-confidence, communication abilities, and self-esteem.

Through our Sport For Good initiative, we've been able to go the extra mile in supporting Gulpari and her fellow teammates. Our commitment goes beyond conceptual support; we've provided practical assistance by supplying the team with the essential kit they need to participate in competitions and matches. This act, seemingly simple, holds immense significance. It's a tangible representation of our dedication to nurturing their passion, bolstering their self-assurance, and fostering a competitive spirit.

One of the volunteers associated with the Afghan and Muslim Girls Football Club aptly captured the impact of our contribution. They noted, "It's hard enough to get girls of this age into sport, but this kit has given them the confidence to play and keeps the girls encouraged and competitive." This encapsulates the essence of our mission – not just enabling access, but also ensuring that these young girls feel empowered, encouraged, and equipped to take on challenges both on and off the field.

The journey of Gulpari and her team is a testament to the far-reaching implications of our Sport For Good initiative. By providing opportunities, resources, and support, we're not only changing the dynamics of sports participation but also contributing to the holistic development of these inspiring young girls. Through collaboration, dedication, and empowerment, we're fostering a generation of strong, confident, and empowered individuals.

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From fundraising to volunteering, there are various ways you can help us support more vulnerable people in need, like Gulpari. 

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Time and again, sports-based programs have shown to be be central to promoting inclusion and creating opportunities to establish trust and healthier communities. That's why is 2021 we set up our Sport For Good initiative. Working with organisations who support vulnerable communities we deliver sports kit and footwear to people in need, so they have the means to access services and support. networks they otherwise wouldn't be able to. 

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