Karim's Story

Having fled his country at the age of 15 Karim found himself in Libya where he was captured, trafficked and had his kidney forcibly removed. He then spent months being held in Libya and Egypt in the most appalling conditions. After spending three years on the streets Karim was completely broken when he arrived in the UK in July 2020.

Whilst he is now being supported it was very difficult to initiate any feel-good activities under Covid restrictions. Through our partnership with Care4Calais we were able to deliver football kit donated by Nike for their recently launched football training sessions. These sessions have been invaluable for the mental health of the boys who take part. It’s hard to understand how much value something as simple as a pair of trainers can have, when footwear is a basic we take for granted, but for these boys it’s not just a pair of trainers, it shows them after years of being invisible that people care.

In this short audio snippet, Marketing Manager, Naomi shares Karim's heart-breaking story and the struggles he endured. 


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