Rebuilding Lives in the UK: Mykola and Svitlana's Story

When Mykola and Svitlana came to the UK, they were seeking a safer life for their young family. Having fled Ukraine in 2022 they moved to Watford hoping for stability and opportunities that their homeland couldn't offer. However, instead of security they found themselves in a constant battle to survive, to put food on the table, and to keep a roof over their heads.

Mykola is unable to work, so the family’s main source of income is Universal Credit. But the support they receive is barely enough to cover the rent. The weight of financial strain has been overwhelming, making it difficult to enjoy the simple joys of parenthood and the promise of a new life in a foreign country.

At Goods For Good we believe that basic necessities should not be a luxury, but a right for every family. Through the support of our partners, donors and volunteers we have provided the essentials this family so desperately needed – nappies for their newborn, warm clothing and footwear for their teenage son Danylo, as well as toiletries and bedding. This support has provided a lifeline, alleviating some of their immediate worries and anxieties and enabling them to redirect their focus toward addressing pressing concerns, such as paying bills and securing a stable living environment.

Sadly, thousands of Ukrainians, like Mykola and Svitlana, are struggling; not just to settle in but to survive in the UK. Whilst the generosity of our community has helped us support many people displaced from Ukraine, thousands still face major challenges. Cost of living pressures and lack of support have increased the risk of homelessness. A recent report from the British Red Cross highlighted that:

  • 6,200 Ukrainian households in England have been made homeless or are at risk of homelessness in the last year
  • The rising cost of living crisis is putting huge pressure on both Ukrainians and their hosts

Our report, Remembering Ukraine reflects on the challenges, achievements, and resilience of those we serve. You can read the full report by downloading the PDF below. 

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How you can help people like Mykola and Svitlana

By sharing stories like this we want to shine a light on this unseen struggle of thousands of Ukrainians in the UK and urge you to make a difference. There are a number of ways you can get involved and help us reach more people like Mykola and Svitlana, from setting up a regular donation to fundraising or even volunteering your time, every act of kindness ripples far beyond its initial impact. Learn more about the various ways you can support our work.

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