Vladimir's Story

Vladimir's two children Ellina and Nikita have severe medical needs,  so it's necessary that he stays at home to care for them. His son Nikita has cerebral palsy, atrophied leg muscles and impaired speech because of his condition he is unable to move without the help of adults. His daughter Ellina was born prematurely with a diagnosis of encephalopathy and is under constant medical supervision.

As one of the parents needs to be home to care for the children they rely on the income of only one which puts them in a very difficult financial situation. Each month, once the utilities are paid for there is not enough money for essentials like food and clothing.

Sadly, there are many stories I could tell you of families like Vladimir’s. And it is because of them that we do what we do. Thankfully, we have been able to deliver essentials including warm blankets, nappies, clothes, shoes and hygiene products to Vladimir and his family but we simply wouldn’t have the funds to deliver these items without the financial support we receive from our donors.

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From fundraising to donating new and pre-loved goods, there are various ways you can help us support more vulnerable people in need, like Vladimir and his family. 

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Goods are generously donated by organisations and communities but getting them to the people who need it is a real challenge. For just £15 you can sponsor a box of aid. Your sponsorship will help us send essential humanitarian aid to individuals and families, like Vladimir and his family, who are living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

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