Yvonne's Story

As the world tackled the complex challenges and battled against the Covid-19 pandemic, we received an SOS order from a social worker from a local housing association who was supporting Yvonne and her children, who were fleeing from domestic violence.

We heard Yvonne was living on the edge for a long time; anxious and suffering with poor mental health, she was terrified to leave the house because of her fear of catching the virus and also petrified to stay at home with her aggressive husband.

There has been a 10% increase in reports of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic, with around 20% of all offences recorded by police being flagged as domestic abuse related.

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer and made that final, difficult decision to leave and seek refuge. Pretending to take a walk, so she could leave safely with the children, meant she was unable to take anything with her. So, the SOS came through that they needed warm clothing, underwear, socks, and pyjamas, for the cold weather, and they needed it immediately. We re-opened the office and pulled together the items they needed. Sadly, this situation is far from unique and we hear regularly of families who are struggling in heart-breaking situations; the ONS reported that during the Covid-19 lockdowns there was a10% increase in reports of domestic violence, with around 20% of all offences recorded by police being flagged as domestic abuse related.

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