We have been working with UNIQLO since 2018 and during this time they have supported us in a number of ways from donating both new and pre-loved garments, to volunteering with us to sort and pack items before they are delivered.

Our relationship with UNIQLO is a flagship model of a company taking total end-to-end responsibility of their unsold goods. From donating new and pre-loved garments, volunteering to sort and pack before delivery to our charity partners, weighing, measuring and labelling goods for transport overseas to distribution of goods to recipients, they understand our model and work with us every step of the way. UNIQLO were the first organisation to join our Humanitarian Aid Partnership, which we launched in 2021 and in 2023 the strength of our partnership was recognised when we were shortlisted in Third Sector Awards for Corporate Partnership of the Year in 2022.  

It’s so heart-warming to see the difference Goods For Good is making in the local communities around the world. We are proud to be partnering with you and the team, and look forward to continue our great work together!

Maria Ledous, Head of Sustainability, UNIQLO Europe


Supporting us since 2018

We have been working with UNIQLO since 2018 and during this time they have donated over 184 tonnes of both new and pre-loved garments. That’s the equivalent of 3,690,800 20kg suitcases! From their warehouse, to our Dutch charity hub they’ve supported us to deliver goods both new and pre-loved goods to refugee camps in Greece, Kurdistan, Moldova and Romania.

Recycling initiative

Across their 13 UK stores they run a recycling initiative which enables their customers to donate unwanted Uniqlo clothes. Uniqlo donate these items to Goods For Good, along with any quality 'seconds' which are not able to be sold in-store but are new and useable. Since 2018, the partnership has helped distribute £1.47 million-worth of UNIQLO's goods from their reuse and recycling schemes to UNHCR, UK and other areas, including countries such as Moldova, Romania, Poland and Northern Iraq.

 Warehousing & Logistics

In some instances we have to collect goods from our corporate partners, UNIQLO however deliver all goods free of charge to wherever we need goods stored before they are distributed. They weigh, measure and label goods for transport overseas. They also support our charity partner HRIF with logistics across Europe. Some countries like Moldova, you actually have to send in your manifest and the weights and measures prior to sending the goods. So, if we didn’t have commercial partners [like UNIQLO] doing that weighing and measuring and getting those manifests together, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Corporate Volunteering

Uniqlo have supported us in a number of ways through our Corporate Volunteering opportunities. From distributing essential clothing to the homeless in the cold winter months, to sorting session both in the UK and our Amsterdam warehouse, over the years we've welcomed volunteers from UNIQLO UK, France, Netherlands and Japan.


Humanitarian Aid Partnership

UNIQLO believe that every quality garment, in good condition, has a second life and purpose, thus fulfilling a need for people who have no money to purchase their own goods. And for more than 20 years they have been on a path to sustainability. We've saved thousands of tonnes of goods destined for landfill or incineration and in turn reduced CO2 emissions, and we've done that by collaborating with compassionate organisations like UNIQLO.

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Impacting lives

To date, through the support of corporate partners like UNIQLO we have supported over 5.1 million people living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. The work we do make an enormous difference; learn more about the impact of our work.

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Corporate Partnership

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