Payroll Giving

At Goods For Good, we believe that the collective effort of individuals and companies can create a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Payroll Giving, also known as Give As You Earn, presents a unique opportunity for both employers and employees to join hands in making a lasting difference. By choosing to participate in Payroll Giving, your company can play a pivotal role in supporting our mission while also fostering a culture of giving within your organisation.

Empower change through Payroll Giving

By committing to making a monthly donation, you will be significantly contributing to the long-term stability and sustainability of Goods For Good, ensuring we can continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we support for many more years to come.

Company benefits

  • Social Responsibility: Boost your CSR activity by demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility and enabling your employees to contribute directly from their salaries to support charitable causes.
  • Employee Engagement: Engage your workforce in a meaningful way, boosting morale and job satisfaction by providing them with the opportunity to give back easily.
  • Tax Efficiency: Enjoy tax benefits as contributions made through Payroll Giving are tax-free, further increasing the impact of your giving.
  • Accreditation: The Quality Mark Scheme and National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards recognise your business' commitment to giving back through Payroll Giving.

Employee benefits

  • Easy and Convenient: Employees can contribute to causes they care about directly from their paychecks, making charitable giving hassle-free and convenient.
  • Tax Relief: Enjoy immediate tax relief on their donations, as contributions are made before tax deductions.
  • Collective Impact: Join a community of like-minded colleagues to create a more significant and sustainable impact on charitable causes.
  • Empowerment: Feel empowered by the ability to support meaningful initiatives without worrying about individual donation logistics.
  • Personal Fulfilment: Experience a sense of fulfilment by actively participating in positive change and making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable communities.

Impact of your support

Through our network of charity partners we support society's most vulnerable, including older people, evacuees, refugees and asylum seekers, individuals affected by modern slavery and human trafficking, people experiencing homelessness or insecure housing, those in assisted housing, individuals affected by dementia or mental health issues, and families facing financial struggles. By supporting Goods For Good through Payroll Giving, you're not just supporting one charity; you're supporting a network of organisations dedicated to creating a better world for those in need.  By supporting Goods For Good through Payroll Giving, you're enabling us to expand our reach and provide essential aid to those who need it most. Your contributions will:
  • Leverage bigger impact: Unlike Gift Aid, which only adds an additional 25%, charities can benefit from the generosity of supporters in the high tax bracket.
  • Provide Vital Aid: Your donations will support our ongoing efforts to deliver crucial goods to vulnerable communities around the world.
  • Empower Lives: With your support, we can continue empowering individuals and families to improve their quality of life and build brighter futures.
  • Create Lasting Change: Together, we can drive positive change on a global scale, addressing pressing challenges and fostering resilience within communities. Regular income provided by Payroll Giving enables us to plan ahead and focus on our objectives.

How to Get Started

If you haven't already, you'll need to sign a contract with a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA). PGAs are the facilitators of Payroll Giving and distribute your employees' donations to their chosen charities. They are the experts when it comes to Payroll Giving and they will guide you through the process. 

There are a number of Payroll Giving Agents who can be found on the HMRC website. Goods For Good has a relationship with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and Benevity.

Once the program is in place, the process of joining Goods For Good in our Payroll Giving initiative is straightforward. We make it easy for both employers to get started, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.  For more information, contact our Head of Fundraising and. Partnerships, Andrew Anastasiou.

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By establishing a Payroll Giving program within your organisation, you can amplify the impact of your company's charitable initiatives and create a lasting legacy of positive change. Get in touch with us to explore how Goods For Good can partner with your company to set up and manage an effective Payroll Giving program. 

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