Announcing our Humanitarian Aid Partnership

By joining our Humanitarian Aid Partnership and becoming a Goods For Good Aid Partner, you'll be helping us source, store and deliver vital goods to those affected by war, conflict, natural disaster or those living in poverty. 

The COVID-19 pandemic, cost of living and energy crisis and the war in Ukraine has caused many more families to slip into poverty. As a result we have seen our network of charity partners grow by 100% as we work hard to respond to the huge increase in need over the last two years. As the need in the community continues to grow, we have launched our Humanitarian Aid Partnership.

The Humanitarian Aid Partnership is an opportunity to make a positive impact on people and our planet, providing humanitarian aid to communities in desperate need. 

Although our goals of helping people and the planet are straightforward, the solution is complex and requires a combination of warehousing, logistics and operational support that is only possible through the support of corporate partners.

Rosalind Bluestone,  Founder & CEO, Goods For Good

Our network is based on transparency and trust, always acting with compassion and integrity to empower others to save our planet. We’re looking to expand our reach, helping more people in need whilst also preventing goods from reaching landfill or being incinerated. 

  • Since the charity was set up in 2014 we've delivered over £40 million-worth of humanitarian aid to over 26 countries worldwide;
  • providing over 3.5 million people with essentials such as clothing, footwear, underwear and bedding, nappies, hygiene goods, toiletries and medical equipment.
  • On average we support more than 5,000 vulnerable people a month. Supporting those that are homeless, isolated, elderly, single-parent families, refugees, asylum seekers and people with mental health conditions.
  • Working with a network of over 200 corporate partners and 100 UK charity partners to deliver a lifeline of essentials to those that need it most.

The Humanitarian Aid Partnership means, together, we can achieve more meaningful impact at scale.

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