Empowering Futures Through Sport: Abel's Story

Abel is just one of the 52 boys who have been able to take part in the All People Active (APA) Football Programme which was set up to support young refugees and local boys by providing them with a safe secure environment to get active and interact with positive role models.

Lockdown has caused numerous issues, both physical and mental, that has meant the progress these boys have made in their lives has been halted, and in many cases, has even regressed. Through our Sports For Good initiative we're working hard to support valuable programmes like APA.

Because, for boys like Abel, these sessions provide them with something meaningful in their lives. More than just football, they provide access to high quality mentoring, youth workers and positive roles models which has resulted in increased:

  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Self-confidence
  • Social Skills
  • Social Cohesion

Physical Well-being

The regular engagement in sports has contributed to the physical well-being of participants like Abel. The activities promote active lifestyles, enhancing their overall health.

Mental Well-being

In a time when isolation and uncertainty were prevalent, the APA Programme has been a source of solace. The camaraderie and the structure of the sessions have played a crucial role in bolstering the mental well-being of boys like Abel.


Abel's increased involvement and achievements in the football sessions have translated into heightened self-confidence. The recognition of his skills and the sense of accomplishment have empowered him to believe in his potential.

Social Skills

The collaborative nature of team sports has allowed Abel to develop essential social skills. Interaction with peers, mentors, and role models has enabled him to foster relationships and navigate social situations more effectively.

Social Cohesion

By supporting organisations like APA, Goods For Good's Sport For Good initiative has not only impacted individuals like Abel, but has also contributed to the larger fabric of social cohesion. By bringing together young refugees and local boys, the program promotes understanding, unity, and community integration.

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Time and again, sports-based programs have shown to be be central to promoting inclusion and creating opportunities to establish trust and healthier communities. That's why is 2021 we set up our Sport For Good initiative. Working with organisations who support vulnerable communities we deliver sports kit and footwear to people in need, so they have the means to access services and support. networks they otherwise wouldn't be able to. 

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