Thousands of tonnes of goods saved from landfill and incineration

When I set up Goods For Good in 20214 I did it with a very clear mission, to alleviate poverty and reduce waste. And for the last 7 years we’ve done this by redistributing overstocked and unwanted goods from places where there is too much to places where there is too little, improving people's whilst at the same time reducing waste and the negative impact it has on our shared planet. The UN’s recent IPCC Report described global warming as a "code red for humanity", and with COP26  just around the corner, now more than ever we need to leverage our uniqueness of bringing corporates and communities together, because only by joining forces can we ensure we protect our planet for future generations.

What is COP26?

Sunday (31st October) marks the start of COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference. The goal of this major environmental summit is to address the climate crisis and is being regarded as a landmark event. It will bring together over 100 world leaders from 196 countries and around 20,000 delegates to discuss the best way to combat global warming, and how to reduce carbon emissions. 

Goods For Good has saved thousands of tonnes of goods saved from landfill or incineration, so we felt it was timely to share with you what we're doing to address the issue of climate change and how we're helping reduce carbon emissions and our collective carbon footprint.

What Goods For Good is Doing to Address the Climate Crisis

Goods For Goods exists to support vulnerable people in need in the UK and internationally receive everyday basic items such as clothing, footwear, toiletries and hygiene products. Items we often take for granted but to those in need they are truly life-changing goods. 

We believe that everyone has a right to dignity and hope and we’ve made it our job to help vulnerable individuals and communities, whoever they are and wherever they may be whilst at the same time reducing waste and the negative impact it has on our shared planet. 

Our network is based on transparency and trust, always acting with compassion and integrity to empower others to save our planet. We have saved thousands of tonnes of goods  from landfill or incineration and we’ve done this by creating a compassionate community that looks out for each other. This is fundamental to the partnerships we have in place as the aid we deliver must be needed and suitable and distributed in an ethical, thoughtful, legal, transparent and positive way. We currently work with 165 corporate partners and we’re always looking to expand our reach to work more UK and European companies who are able to donate unwanted stock, preventing it from reaching landfill or being incinerated and helping those in need. 

Our Flagship Model For Sustainability

We love working with corporates who understand and share our vision and values. Our relationship with UNIQLO, for example, is a flagship model of a company taking total responsibility of their overstocks. They believe that every quality garment, in good condition, has a second life and purpose, thus fulfilling a need for people who have no money to purchase their own goods. And for more than 20 years they have been on a path to sustainability. 

We have been working with UNIQLO since 2018 and during this time they have donated 184 tonnes of both new and pre-loved garments. That’s the equivalent of 3,690,800 20kg suitcases! From their warehouse, to our Dutch charity hub they’ve supported us to deliver goods both new and pre-loved goods to refugee camps in Greece, Kurdistan, Moldova and Romania. 

Across their 13 UK stores they run a recycling initiative which enables their customers to donate unwanted Uniqlo clothes. Uniqlo donate these items to Goods For Good, along with any 'seconds' which are not able to be sold in-store but are new and useable.

We greatly value our relationship with them as we know they are together with us on this journey, helping us every step and mile of the way.


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