Co2 emmissions

A Decade of Impact: Pioneering Sustainability for People and the Planet

Goods For Good is on a mission to bring together businesses and communities, with a sustainable focus on people and the planet. Our commitment is to bring together a collective effort under the banner of recycling, repurposing, and reducing waste—for good! As we celebrate our 10th year, we are taking a bold step forward by shining a spotlight on the pressing issues of our time,  in an effort to combat climate change and protect our planet for future generations.

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Aviva match funding

Aviva’s Community Fund Doubles Impact of Twelve Gifts of Kindness Winter Appeal

Goods For Good is delighted to announce that, for the second consecutive year, we are the recipients of support from Aviva’s Community Fund. This partnership brings an incredible opportunity to amplify the impact of our Twelve Gifts of Kindness Winter Appeal throughout the month of December.

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Transforming Communities For a Greener Future

As the international community gathers for COP28 we're calling for a renewed focus on sustainable humanitarian practices. We want to transform the narrative beyond COP28 and create a legacy that benefits both people and the planet. 

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Green Friday 2

Make this Black Friday Green: Shop with Purpose and Make Every Purchase Count

Imagine, every time you shop for groceries, clothes, or gifts, a portion of your spending goes toward providing vital aid to those in need. Make this Black Friday green - make your purchases count in a meaningful way and turn the act of shopping into a force for good.

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St. James Place 2

Paving Paths to Employment

In a remarkable collaboration Goods For Good and UK wealth management company St James's Place are making strides to empower individuals on their journey back to work. Having generously initiated a workwear donation drive, St James's Place is inviting colleagues to a three-day event which aims to provide those in need with the professional attire they require to make a positive impression during interviews and, ultimately, secure employment.

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Moldova soccer school

Launching Gagauzia's first Soccer School

At Goods For Good, we stand for the power of sports to bring communities together and have a lasting impact.  Through our Sport For Good initiative, a significant step has been taken towards empowering the youth of Gagauzia, with the launch of the region's first soccer school.  We are proud to support our charity partner Hope4's in this life-changing project in Moldova.

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Ukraine in Herts

A Night of Hope and Solidarity for Ukraine

On Tuesday 5th September our CEO and Founder, Rosalind Bluestone MBE, and Head of Fundraising and Partnerships, Andrew Anastasiou, had the honour of attending an event at the House of Comms that truly embodied the spirit of compassion and support. Guests of Watford MP Dean Russell, the evening was nothing short of inspiring.

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sport for good cta5

Empowering Futures Through Collaborative Support

Goods For Good unites corporate and charity partners in a collaborative event that will impact hundreds of disadvantaged children in Hertfordshire, showcasing the transformative power of collective action.

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Goods For Good 9th Birthday

9 Years of Redefining Aid Delivery To Create Lasting Impact

In an interconnected world that transcends borders, Goods For Good has harnessed the power of collaboration to carve a unique path in the landscape of philanthropy. Over the past nine years, our journey has been defined  by a commitment to building a movement rooted in kindness and compassion, creating a lasting impact on vulnerable communities worldwide.

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compassion in action

This is compassion in action

With kindness at our core Goods For Good is inspiring a compassionate movement for change. This year to mark the 25th anniversary of Refugee Week we're celebrating  what compassion in action looks like for us.

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