Remembering Ukraine

Remembering Ukraine

Two years on, the urgency of the situation in Ukraine cannot be understated. As the world marks the somber anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine,  it's crucial to acknowledge that the plight of Ukrainians remains as dire today as it was when the conflict escalated two years ago. The stark reality is that the crisis in Ukraine is far from over. Lives continue to be upended, communities shattered, and futures remain uncertain.

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Ukraine in Herts

A Night of Hope and Solidarity for Ukraine

On Tuesday 5th September our CEO and Founder, Rosalind Bluestone MBE, and Head of Fundraising and Partnerships, Andrew Anastasiou, had the honour of attending an event at the House of Comms that truly embodied the spirit of compassion and support. Guests of Watford MP Dean Russell, the evening was nothing short of inspiring.

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Unseen Struggles Blog Thumbnail

A Struggle for Survival: The Unseen Realities of Ukrainian Families in the UK

In a world where the cost of living continues to rise, the challenge of making ends meet is an all too familiar story for many of the people we support. The stark contrast between government stipulations and the reality often leaves individuals struggling to bridge the gap,  as they find themselves grappling with rising expenses and stagnant wages. The result is a deeply troubling situation where many are left struggling to make ends meet, facing difficult decisions and sacrificing necessities just to get by.

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Inspiring Herts

Inspiring Hearts in Herts

We’re proud to announce that Goods For Good has won the awards for both Business of the Year West Herts, and Inspiring Business of the Year at this year's Inspiring Herts Awards. 

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compassion in action

This is compassion in action

With kindness at our core Goods For Good is inspiring a compassionate movement for change. This year to mark the 25th anniversary of Refugee Week we're celebrating  what compassion in action looks like for us.

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Ways you can support our international aid efforts

We are collecting goods for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine and the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake. Due to strict border regulations we can only accept pre-identified items, so please consult our list before donating.

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Our response in Ukraine continues

In light of the escalation of internal armed conflict in Ukraine, we have increased our efforts sending essential goods including bedding, hygiene products, food and warm clothes, to those displaced by the conflict as well as refugees fleeing or hiding from violence in the country.

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ukraine2 Medium

Project Rescue Ukraine - the need continues

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, we have been working closely with our network of trusted charity partners to deliver aid to a number of humanitarian aid hubs at the borders in Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary as well as in Ukraine itself.  

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UNIQLO Poland Ukraine

Goods For Good and UNIQLO Poland Visit

Our story begins in Luton Airport on a Wednesday evening with a flight direct into Lublin, Poland just 80km from the Ukrainian border. Our mission; to participate in a small way in the humanitarian effort of Polish people to support their Ukrainian friends who had fled their homes under the threat of the Russian invasion.

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Alena's Story

41-year old Alena was a well-to-do, middle class woman from Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. She had a large home and a good income. She was single and wanted to share her life with someone else, so decided to adopt. In 2012, Darina entered Alena’s life, aged 3. Darina had special needs, she was ill and developmentally young for her age.


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