Moldova soccer school

Launching Gagauzia's first Soccer School

At Goods For Good, we stand for the power of sports to bring communities together and have a lasting impact.  Through our Sport For Good initiative, a significant step has been taken towards empowering the youth of Gagauzia, with the launch of the region's first soccer school.  We are proud to support our charity partner Hope4's in this life-changing project in Moldova.

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childhood poverty

A Childhood in the Shadows: The Struggles Faced by Children Living in Poverty in the UK

Growing up in poverty means facing a myriad of challenges that threaten a child’s well-being, education, and future opportunities. In the UK alone, the stark reality of poverty casts a long shadow over the lives of nearly five million children. These children find themselves trapped in a cycle of deprivation, where access to basic necessities and a stable environment are often luxuries.

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sport for good cta5

Empowering Futures Through Collaborative Support

Goods For Good unites corporate and charity partners in a collaborative event that will impact hundreds of disadvantaged children in Hertfordshire, showcasing the transformative power of collective action.

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Sport For Good receives Sport England funding

Thanks to funding from Sport England's Tackling Inequalities Fund, we are delighted to welcome Andrew Anastasiou to the team. Andrew joins the team as Programme Manager for our Sport For Good initiative and will be leading the design and development of the programme to provide aid to the most needy groups.

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sport for good cta 4

Empowering Change Through Sport: Introducing Goods For Good's Sport For Good Initiative

Sports programs can create stable and inclusive communities and have the power to create a significant social impact on individuals and communities alike. Working with organisations who support vulnerable communities we have recently launched the pilot of our Sports For Good initiative which will deliver sports kit and footwear, so those people in need so they have the means to access services and support networks available to them.

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