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One Month To Go: Celebrate Ten Years With Us

We’re kicking off our 10th anniversary celebrations in style.  Gather your friends and family, and join us on Sunday 12th May, for an evening of fun, entertainment, and friendly competition, as we celebrate 10 years of impact. Quiz and raffle tickets now available.

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12 gifts of kindness

Warming Hearts This Winter - The Twelve Gifts of Kindness

We believe that in someone's hour of need, your support can be the most powerful force for positive change. While this Winter we continue our commitment to delivering everyday essentials such as nappies, period products, toiletries, warm coats, and clothing, our #TwelveGiftOfKindness Winter Appeal introduces the gifts that go beyond the material.  When you donate £10 you’re not just helping us deliver a 'gift for good' containing crucial items such as blankets, bedding, and essential clothing and footwear, you’re also delivering an invaluable gift for those who need it most, providing comfort, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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israel response

Supporting Those Affected by the Conflict in the Middle East: A Call for Community Solidarity

As the world witnesses the distressing events unfolding in the Middle East, Goods For Good has been collaborating with our partners to assess the immediate needs of those affected and to determine the most effective ways we can provide support during this hour of need.

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St. James Place 2

Paving Paths to Employment

In a remarkable collaboration Goods For Good and UK wealth management company St James's Place are making strides to empower individuals on their journey back to work. Having generously initiated a workwear donation drive, St James's Place is inviting colleagues to a three-day event which aims to provide those in need with the professional attire they require to make a positive impression during interviews and, ultimately, secure employment.

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Morocco 1

Goods For Good's Response to Morocco's Earthquake

The recent earthquake in Morocco has left many without shelter, and as the temperatures drop, the situation becomes increasingly dire. We are working tirelessly to provide essential relief in the form of tents to those seeking refuge in the recently set-up refugee camp.

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childhood poverty

A Childhood in the Shadows: The Struggles Faced by Children Living in Poverty in the UK

Growing up in poverty means facing a myriad of challenges that threaten a child’s well-being, education, and future opportunities. In the UK alone, the stark reality of poverty casts a long shadow over the lives of nearly five million children. These children find themselves trapped in a cycle of deprivation, where access to basic necessities and a stable environment are often luxuries.

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Back to school sos feature image

Back-to-School Blues: The Burden of School Uniform Costs Takes Its Toll

Amidst the backdrop of financial strain, the annual ritual of purchasing school uniforms has become an added hardship for many parents in the UK. In a nation where child poverty rates are unsettlingly high, the struggle to make ends meet has intensified, leaving many parents anxious about providing their children with the essentials they need for a successful academic year.

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Launching Labels For Good – putting a stop to throw-away fashion and raising money for good

Goods for Good is today announcing a new campaign to urge people to donate goods to our eBay shop, to help us raise funds and keep our vital work going. The initiative, Labels For Good, is being set up in response to an overwhelming need for our services and as a way to contribute to sustainability efforts in fashion.

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humans in the extreme

Author and Psychotherapist JA Hind donates proceeds of book ‘Humans in the Extreme' to Goods For Good

Humans in the Extreme is the new book from Hertfordshire based author and psychotherapist, JA Hind. The book, which was released earlier this month, has its official launch is this evening. Jane is kindly donating all proceeds of the book to Goods For Good.

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Ways you can support our international aid efforts

We are collecting goods for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine and the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake. Due to strict border regulations we can only accept pre-identified items, so please consult our list before donating.

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