Warming Hearts This Winter - The Twelve Gifts of Kindness

Winter is a season that should be marked by warmth, togetherness, and festivities. But, for many, it's a time of uncertainty and struggle. With rising energy and food prices thousands of people in the UK find themselves in the difficult position of having to make desperate decisions just to make ends meet. Do they heat their homes or put food on the table? Do they purchase warm clothing for their families or ensure there's enough to cover other essential expenses? These are decisions that should never be a part of anyone's experience. 

Twelve Gifts of Kindness

Every year, Goods For Good supports thousands of individuals and families struggling to survive the harsh winter months. This year, however, we are launching an innovative campaign that seeks to highlight the deeper impact of our work.  Our #TwelveGiftsOfKindness campaign is born out of our commitment to making a meaningful impact on vulnerable communities, and sets out to address both the immediate material needs and the deeper emotional aspects of individuals and families facing the challenges of winter.  The campaign is an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of those struggling during the winter months.

More Than Material Support

The Twelve Gifts of Kindness campaign represents a departure from traditional aid efforts by recognising the importance of not only meeting material needs but also addressing the deeper, emotional aspects that contribute to overall well-being and resilience.

At Goods For Good, our mission has always been rooted in making a meaningful impact. This year's Twelve Gifts of Kindness campaign takes our commitment to the next level by acknowledging the emotional needs of those we support.

Andrew Anastasiou, Head of Partnerships and Fundraising at Goods For Good

While the campaign continues to focus on delivering everyday essentials such as nappies, period products, toiletries, warm coats, and clothing, it introduces the concept of "intangible gifts" that go beyond the material. These intangible gifts include empowerment and peace of mind and are intended to provide comfort, hope, and a sense of community that can make a significant difference during times of difficulty. 

Impact of your support

Imagine the warmth and comfort you can bring to someone facing challenging times this winter? By supporting Goods For Good's Twelve Gifts of Kindness campaign, you can contribute to the most valuable needs of vulnerable communities. With a modest contribution of £10, you can provide a 'Gift For Good' containing essential items like blankets, bedding, and crucial clothing and footwear. Two boxes alone are enough to support one parent and three children family. Join us in making a difference and spreading warmth of compassion this festive season.

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