12 gifts of kindness

Warming Hearts This Winter - The Twelve Gifts of Kindness

We believe that in someone's hour of need, your support can be the most powerful force for positive change. While this Winter we continue our commitment to delivering everyday essentials such as nappies, period products, toiletries, warm coats, and clothing, our #TwelveGiftOfKindness campaign introduces the gifts that go beyond the material.  When you donate £10 you’re not just helping us deliver a box containing crucial items such as blankets, bedding, and essential clothing and footwear, you’re also delivering an invaluable gift for those who need it most, providing comfort, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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in work poverty 2

Unmasking the Reality of In-Work Poverty

While having a job may seem like a ticket to financial security, almost 8 million people in the UK are struggling to make ends meet despite being employed.Rising prices in housing, healthcare, education, and basic necessities like food and fuel have pushed countless families to their financial limits. Even with a job, many find themselves juggling multiple part-time positions or facing bleak choices such as paying bills or buying groceries.

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mental health 1

Rising Poverty Rates Deepen The Mental Health Crisis

As we observe World Mental Health Day and reflect on the challenges that individuals face, it's crucial to remember that poverty is not just about economic hardship. It's a crisis that takes a profound toll on mental health, affecting millions of lives worldwide.

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Moldova soccer school

Launching Gagauzia's first Soccer School

At Goods For Good, we stand for the power of sports to bring communities together and have a lasting impact.  Through our Sport For Good initiative, a significant step has been taken towards empowering the youth of Gagauzia, with the launch of the region's first soccer school.  We are proud to support our charity partner Hope4's in this life-changing project in Moldova.

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Ukraine in Herts

A Night of Hope and Solidarity for Ukraine

On Tuesday 5th September our CEO and Founder, Rosalind Bluestone MBE, and Head of Fundraising and Partnerships, Andrew Anastasiou, had the honour of attending an event at the House of Comms that truly embodied the spirit of compassion and support. Guests of Watford MP Dean Russell, the evening was nothing short of inspiring.

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childhood poverty

A Childhood in the Shadows: The Struggles Faced by Children Living in Poverty in the UK

Growing up in poverty means facing a myriad of challenges that threaten a child’s well-being, education, and future opportunities. In the UK alone, the stark reality of poverty casts a long shadow over the lives of nearly five million children. These children find themselves trapped in a cycle of deprivation, where access to basic necessities and a stable environment are often luxuries.

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Back to school sos feature image

Back-to-School Blues: The Burden of School Uniform Costs Takes Its Toll

Amidst the backdrop of financial strain, the annual ritual of purchasing school uniforms has become an added hardship for many parents in the UK. In a nation where child poverty rates are unsettlingly high, the struggle to make ends meet has intensified, leaving many parents anxious about providing their children with the essentials they need for a successful academic year.

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Unseen Struggles Blog Thumbnail

A Struggle for Survival: The Unseen Realities of Ukrainian Families in the UK

In a world where the cost of living continues to rise, the challenge of making ends meet is an all too familiar story for many of the people we support. The stark contrast between government stipulations and the reality often leaves individuals struggling to bridge the gap,  as they find themselves grappling with rising expenses and stagnant wages. The result is a deeply troubling situation where many are left struggling to make ends meet, facing difficult decisions and sacrificing necessities just to get by.

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Phillipines Back To School

Delivering Hope and Learning to Remote Lands

In the face of adversity and geographical barriers, Goods For Good remains steadfast in our mission to reach those communities most in need, no matter how remote. In a year overshadowed by the pandemic, the importance of education and access to learning resources became even more critical.

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Delivering Hope Thumbnail

Delivering hope to those in need

As the world tackles the complex challenges and battles against the Covid-19 Pandemic, our small team of four is working harder than ever to support the requests we receive weekly from our network of 40 UK charities. Whilst in parallel our international work continues we are facing the challenges Brexit brings, head on.

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