Delivering shoes to little feet in need

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24th November 2021

By Naomi Kitchen

Did you know 600 million people worldwide don’t own a single pair of shoes and a staggering 300 million of these are children? This makes them extremely vulnerable to infection from soil-transmitted diseases and parasites.


In some parts of the world without shoes, many children are not permitted to attend school and in the UK alone over 4 million children are either wearing wrong-size shoes and/or shoes that are inadequate for their needs.


For many of the people we support it's a sad reality that footwear is a luxury they simply can't afford. That's why we're proud to partner with Sal's Shoes, who take used, loved (and barely worn) children's shoes and deliver them to little feet in need around the world. We have been supporting Sal's Shoes since April this year. In August we were able to deliver 8,000 pairs of shoes for them to distribute to the children affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. And just this month we delivered over 3,000 pairs of shoes to be distributed to children in Nigeria. Together with ACE Charity in Nigeria, they spent 6 days visiting 7 hospitals and 7 schools and fitting 3,128 pairs of new shoes to the children in need there.


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Shoes are relatively difficult to recycle because of all the different components they are made up of, so this partnership also fits with our mission to reduce waste and the negative impact it has on our shared planet.


Like Sal's Shoes, we believe feet in shoes are protected feet so we are pleased to be able to partner with them and deliver shoes to little feet in need all over the world.