Join the Gift of Giving: Support Our Toy Appeal and Bring Smiles to Children in Need

As the holiday season draws near, our hearts are filled with a deep sense of compassion and a fervent desire to spread joy to those who need it most. Year after year, Goods For Good has been dedicated to collecting toys and delivering them to children in need during this festive time. This year, our mission has taken on an even more profound significance as we've united forces with the wonderful team at Camp Simcha* to brighten the lives of children spending the holidays in hospitals.

The ongoing impact of the pandemic has meant that many of these children are navigating their hospital stays without the comfort of visitors or the usual camaraderie of shared playtime. Hospital playrooms, typically a place of respite and interaction, have either been shut down or severely restricted. The absence of playmates, the inability to have loved ones by their side, and the uncertainty of their circumstances have created an environment that is especially difficult for these children to endure.

The magic of this collaboration lies in the realisation that even during these challenging times, our shared dedication to making a difference remains unwavering.

This is where our collaboration with Camp Simcha steps in, creating a beacon of hope and joy for these children in need. Together, we recognise the profound importance of bringing cheer to their lives during a time that should be filled with warmth and happiness. Camp Simcha, renowned for their incredible work in supporting children facing serious illnesses, understands first-hand the unique challenges these children are going through and we are pleased to announce our Toy Appeal will be supporting them this year.

At Goods For Good we are acutely aware of the crucial role that toys and playtime can play in a child's healing process. The nurses and play teams on the frontlines have voiced their desperation for toys that can provide a sense of comfort, diversion, and normalcy to these children.

The magic of this collaboration lies in the realisation that even during these challenging times, our shared dedication to making a difference remains unwavering. Our commitment to sourcing and delivering toys, especially tailored to the needs and preferences of the children, takes on a new level of importance. We understand that each toy is not just a plaything but a source of solace, a means to spark smiles, and a tool for fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

This year's collaboration is a poignant reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, the power of compassion, collaboration, and kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity. As we work together to bring a boost to children spending the festive season in hospitals, we are reminded that our collective efforts have the potential to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and remind these children that they are not alone.

Support our Toy Appeal

We're asking for donations of new toys for children of all ages, which we will deliver to children in hospital. Please be aware we aren't able to accept cuddly toys due to infection risk. 

Deliver to our facility

If you live locally and you are able to deliver to our facility in Watford then please email the team: to arrange a time for drop-off. Our address is: Goods For Good 100 Cecil Street, Watford, WA24 5AF 

Donate by post

If you are unable to make it to our facility in Watford then you can post the item(s) you wish to donate by sending them to: Goods For Good, 100 Cecil Street, Watford, WA24 5AF 

Donate Funds

If you are unable to donate a new toy but would like to support the appeal then you can donate funds to help us cover the logistics of delivering the toys to the children in hospital. Donate today and be a part of the magic of giving. Your gift can create cherished memories, inspire resilience, and let these children know that people care about their well-being, and that they are cherished and remembered during this special time of year.


Help us deliver to children in hospital

We need support to sort and pack the donations we receive before they are ready to be delivered to children in need.  We are currently in need of; Community Champions to collect toys from your community and bring them to our facility in Watford;  Pickers and Packers to sort and pack the donations we receive and Drivers to collect donated toys from our facility in Watford and deliver them to our warehouse (also in Watford). If you are able to help then we'd love to hear from you. Please email the

 *Our Toy Appeal is in association with Camp Simcha and Gift and supported by the David Goodman Charitable Trust.

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