Sport For Good

Since Goods For Good was set up nine years ago we have supported communities all over the world providing them with the essentials they need to live, including clothing and footwear. Over the years, through our partnerships with organisations such as UNIQLO, Nike, Puma and Adidas, we've delivered sports kit and footwear to communities in the UK and overseas to enable them to access sport activities. From local community football leagues to holiday programmes for disadvantaged children, the goods we've delivered as part of our Sport For Good initiative have supported over 30,000 individuals gain access to services and support they wouldn't have been able to access previously.    

How Sport For Good helps

Time and time again, sports-based programs have shown to be central to promoting inclusion and creating opportunities for individuals as a means to establish mutual trust and create healthier communities.  Sport For Good promotes our three central pillars which aim to:

  1. help poverty-stricken families both in the UK and overseas;
  2. improve physical, mental and emotional health;
  3. work towards a greener planet.

In this short video, Maeve explains what a difference the goods we've provided will make to the thousands of disadvantaged children who will attend their Fit, Fed and Read camps.

Transforming Futures 

Since its launch in 2023 Sport For Good has created a profound impact on the lives of over 30,000 young individuals both in The UK and overseas. Abel's story demonstrates the profound ripple effects that initiatives like Sport For Good can create. Through our commitment to supporting programs like APA, Goods For Good is striving to ensure that setbacks like lockdowns don't derail progress, but rather act as catalysts for even greater resilience and growth. Together with the support of our corporate and charity partners, we're nurturing the potential of young lives and fostering brighter futures. 

Abel's story


Empowering Girls Through Sport

Working with organisations like the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) we have been supporting the work they do helping young girls from migrant backgrounds gain access to sport. 

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